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Friday, October 18, 2019

"Wishing Tree" Activity at WIS, Udaipur

"The most fantastic magical things can happen , and it all starts with a wish".

To enhance the imaginative power of the students and lead them towards the right path grades I to VIII CAIE participated in a "Wishing Tree" activity on Thursday, October 17,2019 with great enthusiasm.
They made a wish with all their heart and tied their hopes ,dreams and wishes onto the branches.

Science Quiz Competition ‘Braingle’ organized at WIS, Udaipur

“Science isn’t about why……It’s about why not?”

Science quiz helps foster the scientific knowledge amongst students. To test and enhance the scientific temper of the students Witty International School organized a Quiz Competition ‘Braingle’ for the students of Grade VI to VIII (CBSE) based on basic scientific concepts and logical reasoning. The quiz encouraged the students for wider reading and to develop a sense of research and inquiry.

Pilot Visit For Jr.KG Section (2019-20), Witty World, Bangur Nagar

Hey I am a pilot
And I am set to go up high
Because I need to touch the sky
Wow did you see that
My plane is off the ground
Far from every one
I can see clouds all around
I show my stunts to all
I fully control my jet
A Pilot visited Witty World, Bangur Nagar on 17th October, 2019 in accordance to the theme transport. He talked through a typical plane journey with our Junior Kg Wittians and gave all of them a job, cabin crew, refueller, cabin manager, security, check in, air traffic controller, he then talked through their jobs and why they are important and help him to do his job.
It was truly a great learning experience for the children.

Water Play Activity by Playgroup Section at Witty World Bangur Nagar (2019-2020)

Splish Splash,

Splish Splash,
                                                                      In the pool I Splash!
Water on my nose,
Water on my head,
And between my toes,
Splish Splash!

At Witty World we believe in experiential learning in different ways. What could be better than water play?
Water play serves as a catalyst to enhance a number of developmental areas like physical and social skills. So, on Thursday, 17th October, 2019 Playgroup section were taken for water play in our in house splash pool. It also soothes the mind and senses. During water play there is no right or wrong way of playing. Water play provides a lot of open ended opportunities for extended learning.
Children had a great time playing in water along with their peers as well as teachers!!



Field Trip to Bike Showroom by Nursery Section @ Witty World, Chikoowadi (2019-20)

There is blue bike on the road,
tra la lalala
We Children like to ride on it.
Ha hahaha...
There is a red bike on the road,
Tra la lalala
We children like to ride on it,
Ha hahahaha.
Field trips are a valuable learning experience for young children. The theme for the month being "TRANSPORT", children of Nursery Section were taken to VENETIAN HONDA SHOWROOM, a multi storey Bike Showroom on Tuesday and Wednesday i.e.  15th and 16th of October, 2019. Children were shown two wheeler transportation - Scooters and Bikes of different kinds and were explained their basic features.  Children were very inquisitive to learn new things and asked various questions related to it. It was an informative session and children learnt many things through practically visiting the Showroom.

Edutainment Event at Witty World, Chikoowadi (2019-20)

Together they sing
As they swing their wings
They sing as they fly
Graciously in the sky.

They show us the way
How to work and stay
Equitable sharing
A final safe landing.

Geese are a delight
To watch them in flight
Soaring to new heights
Or swim in water and glide.

The joy of their chanting
Is worth imitating
This urge to sing
Fills harmony in living.

Every year Witty World organizes Edutainment which is a project based learning event. The auditorium was transformed with the given theme. This year the event, “Living in Harmony” made the children know more about Harmony.
This event was an endeavor to get our children learn about Harmony and Disharmony.
In keeping with our philosophy of, “DISCOVERY WITH ACTION”, throughout the month children were involved in creating art work which had its place of pride in the enchanted setup!
The event was envisaged as a child-appealing, integrated version of nature where children got a firsthand experience of the various things such as Nurture Nature, Colours and Shapes, and Tech Smart. Children and their parents were excited seeing the different miniatures showing the Harmony and Disharmony in environment through the means of Shapes, Colours, and Technology and saving the planet. Also various games were other kind of endearing experience which the children took home with them!
“Peace and harmony can bring a peaceful and stable order to society, and they are a necessary condition for the survival and development of mankind. Among those thoughts which have been handed down to the present and continuing to have important influence, peace and harmony occupy the most dominating position”.
To quote the parents, Edutainment, has truly become Witty's much awaited signature event!

Field Trip to Car Showroom by Playgroup Section @ Witty World,Chikoowadi (2019-20)

Little cars are zooming by, zooming by, zooming by,
Little cars are zooming by,
Zip Zap Zoom

A Field trip to ‘Shreem Hyundai Car Showroom’ was organized on Thursday, 17th October 2019 for our Playgroup children who came to school with enthusiasm and excitement.

Practical learning has a very strong impact on children as the concept is imbibed within their minds. Children enjoyed the trip and were very happy to see so many different models and colour of cars all under the same roof.  It was a complete hands on experience and an extension to classroom learning. 

It was a fun and informative field trip.


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