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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Eid Celebration by Jr.kg Section (2018-19), Witty Kids Pawan Baug

                   Eid is a very special day, we celebrate together and we pray,
                             Mmmmmmm…the taste of delicious food,
                                     Really puts you in a good mood.
                                   Our friends and family give us a treat,
                                        Let’s say together Happy eid!!
India is a secular country and the best part of this is the different festivals that we get to celebrate. The culture and traditions of our country reflects in the festivals we celebrate together, irrespective of our religions.  So, on occasion of Eid ul Azha our lovely little wittians of Jr kg section section Pawan Baug celebrated this unity in diversity by coming in traditional clothes. The class was decorated with pictures that gave beautiful glimpse of Eid festival. They made beautiful Eid greetings by cutting and sticking shapes of moon and star on a paper and wished each other and their teachers Eid Mubarak!

Eid celebration at WIS, Atun Road, Bhilwara (21.08.18)

School is a place where students are always learning new things about the world. Celebrations of all festivals in a school are one of the major activities which enable them to develop an awareness of the world around them, and the traditions and customs of different people living around them. It’s the participation in such occasions that helps the child develop a desire to understand the culture of others and respect them.
Moreover celebration of different religious festivals, also builds a sense of tolerance and acceptance of various forms of worship within them. In all, it helps in shaping tomorrow’s global citizen who is healthier in spirit and strength of mind.
Witty international School, Atun road Bhilwara takes pride in celebrating multifarious cultures and festivals, and showcases unity in integrity through the celebrations. EID is one such special festival that was celebrated in school on Tuesday, August 21,2018.
Students got dressed up in the traditional festive attire and were completely engrossed in the true spirit of the celebration. There was skit, in which students observed a child's sacrifices for his mother.
As you all know, Eid is a time to celebrate and share happiness. It is also a time to forget and forgive and move on. All these values were seen in the students as they greeted each other with love and affection on this beautiful occasion.

Monday, August 20, 2018

Just a Minute Activity (Senior KG, Witty World Bhilwara) 2018-19

Witty always focuses in the all round development of the child. Keeping the motto in mind this time the little Wittians of Senior KG of Witty World, Bhilwara were given the fun challenge to come up on the stage and express their emotion towards any one thing related to the topics given that is seasons, wheels and wings and how the things work. The kids brought amazing props on the topic decided by them from their home. The activity was held on Friday August 10’ 2018. Every kid was super excited and thrilled to show their belonging and to tell something about it to their friends and teacher on mike. It was the wonderful experience and exposure to the kids.

Independence Day Celebration at Witty World, Bhilwara 2018-19

Independence day is the day when our country got freedom from Britishers with the aspect that they can eat, work, live, pray and do things of their choice. This concept about the very special day was been told to the little Wittians of Witty World on Tuesday, August 14’ 2018. The feeling of Patriotism and love for the country was induced in the tiny mind and heart of the kids through different exciting activities held in the class like making tri-colour sandwich, making tri-colour flag on the chart paper etc. The super talented kids also showcased their talent by singing patriotic songs, dancing on patriotic number and also presented a play of "Wagha Border”. The day was fall of trill on a roller coaster ride for the kids.


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