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Friday, February 23, 2018

Teen Talk at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2017-18).

Teen Talk
‘Adolescent Health Care’ is the most important aspect of a teenager’s life. A well understood concept can leave a lasting impression on a child’s mind. To get a clear depiction, Witty International School at Pawan Baug, Malad (W) organised a session on ‘Teen Talk’. This session was conducted by Dr.Roopa Saraogi, Dr.Rajendra Saraogi, Dr Mukesh Gupta and Dr Monica Agarwal. The talk guided our students and cleared their misconceptions regarding body anatomy and natural growth process. Students of grades 6th – 9th attended the session. 

The students were divided into groups of two, wherein the girls sat separately and the boys were separate. Our guests dealt beautifully with the sensitive issues of puberty, adolescence and hormonal changes. The session was highly interactive and Wittians enthusiastically cleared their doubts. The session helped the students in getting a deep insight into their body structure and behaviour patterns. It was an engaging session and the end of session was kept for clarifying the doubts of the students.

The talk ended with our Principal Mr. Bijo Kurian thanking our guests for sparing their precious time and helping our students to gauge their understanding on ‘Adolescence and their Behaviour’.

Creative writing at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2017-18).

“Without creativity, we are all less inspired, less inventive, less resourceful, less socially aware, less globally aware, less of a society… and ultimately less human”

In keeping with the above thought, Witty International School, Pawan Baug, had organised a Creative Writing workshop for the students of Grade VIII and IGCSE - I which was conducted by Mrs Yasmeen Pardiwalla, a Literature expert and a freelancer for Cambridge.
Mrs Yasmeen Pardiwalla focused the workshop on what she calls critical exploration: the development of creative writing and problem solving in the context of real life situations. It's an approach that encompasses teaching, learning and curriculum development and it helps students become critical thinkers and creative learners. The students largely benefitted from the workshop. They learned how to find things out for themselves, how to think laterally to come up with original ideas, how to make connections between seemingly unrelated subject matter and materials. Very importantly they also learned how to share and act on feedback from their classmates and teachers and evaluate their own work.

An activity ‘Champion Story Taster’ was conducted where students were put in small groups and given the beginning of a story. Each student in the group had to write few sentences and pass the sheet further thus developing a story effectively.  Thus an interesting story was weaved through creative writing and students were called to present their stories. The activity gave the young minds to think on their own and proved to be really good story weavers. It helped students to extend their imagination in a very creative way. Kids also developed the skill of being a good narrator.

Another activity named ‘Guess who’ was conducted where students had to draw an imaginary character. The outcome was spectacular as children were able to draw their imagination on a chart paper and then the entire group presented by describing more about the character. This group activity helped to extend each one’s creative attribute they possess. The session was quite interesting and motivating because it diverted children to something different than the usual classroom learning.
Mrs Yasmeen Pardiwalla shared, “The ability to communicate your ideas clearly and respectfully is something that will benefit students in all areas of their life – and something a lot of people grow up never learning how to do well. Thus creative thinking helps students to learn to better communicate their ideas and opinions.

Commendable Victory!

Roads to success are uneven and pebbly
Successful are those who dare to walk.
Spectacular success was accomplished by Wittians , who bagged Silver Medal  in Football Under-18 boys and Volleyball under -14 Girls in PIE Olympics closing ceremony.

Worthy Wittians gave a tough competition to the opponents and came out with flying colors.

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Meet the Author at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2017-18).

Meet the Author
Reading is an act of contemplation, perhaps the only act in which we allow ourselves to merge with the consciousness of another human being. Witty International School, Pawan Baug, encouraged the passion for reading and writing amongst the young enthusiasts of Grade VIII by inviting the prominent author Mr Chandan Deshmukh.

We possess the books we read, animating the waiting stillness of their language, but they possess us also, filling us with thoughts and observations, asking us to make them part of ourselves. But in present times we are becoming a society of people who rarely allow ourselves to slow down enough to think and contemplate hence it is becoming difficult to spend time reading a book.

Chandan Deshmukh, the famous author of the ‘Six Secrets Smart Students Don’t Tell You’. In simple, straightforward terms, ‘Six Secrets Smart Students Don’t Tell You’ proves the truth of the saying, ‘Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently.’ If you are a concerned parent looking to help your struggling child, this book is for you. ‘Six Secrets Smart Students Don’t Tell You’ is a book loaded with practical advice and homespun wisdom. Becoming ‘smart’ is just a few pages away.

The entire audience came to life as the room witnessed a riveting conversation between Mr. Chandan and the students on how children need to approach every subject differently and study smarter no matter what field they are pursuing. In his new book, the author unpacks success and its many secrets in simple terms. By breaking the stigma associated with studying different subjects, the book lays groundwork for the new generation who want to achieve success without rushing through studies. During the interactive session, the author patiently addressed the queries of the young minds and guided them with insights to improve their reading and writing skills. 

Commenting on this initiative, Principal Mr Bijo Kurian said, “At Witty International, we believe, regular reading enriches vocabulary, helps brain development, enhances concentration, increases knowledge along with various other benefits. Such interactive sessions with renowned authors make reading an enjoyable journey for our students, while also allowing them to gain insights directly from the experts.”

Ignite-The fire in you at Witty International School Pawan Baug (2017-18).


The paragon of youth festivals, that captivates and binds more than 500 youngsters at a time under the vibrant roof of Witty International School, Pawan Baug, is here once again to enchant and tantalize all the hearts. This year the phoenix has risen with splendour and grandeur to set the cultural extravaganza on fire. Students of Witty International School experienced the magnificence of ‘IGNITE’ witnessing the epitome of dedication, exuberance and dynamism, taking home a box full of memories to cherish. Rising and amplifying with each passing year, ‘IGNITE’ has become a spectacular world in itself. This cultural extravaganza took place on February 17th and 18th under the massive workforce of the AS Level students.
The annual ‘IGNITE’ festival is a prism, where students found an array of events and activities to participate in and get valuable recognition. Ranging from competitions like Showdown (Dance event), Reverbed Rhythms (Musical Instrument event), Playhouse (Drama event), Smells like Team Spirit (Business event), Voice Notes (Singing event), Fifa (Gaming event), Cult of Oratory (Debate), and Story through Lenses (Photography and Videography), Ha-Ha cafe (Stand up Comedy event), Brush strokes (Art event) and Sports like Football, Cricket, Table Tennis, Chess and Basketball. The ‘IGNITE’ festival boasts of unique creativity, passion and vibrancy.
Each event had unique themes and concepts which made it even more challenging for the participants to perform. With the debate topics ranging from Body Shaming to Demonetisation, drama and art events highlighting social issues around the world to Showdown showcasing storytelling through dance, ‘IGNITE’ truly covered all.
Voice Notes was an ideal competition for every singer to showcase their talent by singing any song of their choice but in two different styles. Students had to up their talent quotient to perform live. The Ha-Ha cafe as well as Reverbed Rhythm was designed to bring out the hidden potential of children in the world of performance. For those who had the entrepreneur within them, the business event was organised where they could pitch for their business ideas to the world.
The major crowd pullers were the sporting events where students came in large numbers to unleash their sportive talents. Be it boys or girls, each performed with extreme might to win the match. Fifa gaming was another event whose massive popularity had a profound effect on the students. The event managed to release an unbelievable amount of control players are given over individual skills, passing, tactical formations, substitutions, set piece strategy and even team attitude and mentality.
Witty International firmly believes that such cultural fests bring out one’s hidden prowess and skills. It definitely boosts their confidence and spirit. “It is also a way to push your limits and test your potential. Competing with other students helps you judge yourself more effectively. Also, it’s never easy to perform in front of a crowd that is judging you,” added the Cultural Committee.
 “Gone are the days where the students are told to be confined within the four walls of academics. They want a platform to set themselves free to unravel their inner potential to become a 21st century global citizen. ‘IGNITE’ has given them this opportunity to discover themselves through a plethora of events for them to emerge as confident individuals in their respective areas of passion,” opined the Principal, Mr Bijo Kurian. 

Spell Bee Competition

While most are dreaming of success, winners wake up and work hard to achieve it.
Congratulations! Winners and achievers of State Level Spell Bee International Competition.
“It takes heart to battle great challenges, great faith to be victorious over them.”
WIS, Udaipur is immensely proud to share the results of State Level Spell Bee International Competition held on 29th Jan, 2018. Witty Scholars came up with flying colors and proved their mettle by qualifying for the National Level.

Warm wishes to all our school toppers, achievers and qualifiers.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Success is not a sudden flight , it requires perseverance and discipline.

Remarkable Achievement

Worthy Wittians proved their potential and mettle by participating and winning Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in IFLO (International French Language Olympiad)

By Silver Zone for Grade-VI to X held on 22nd January, 2018.  

Picnic to Garden by Sr.KG Section at Witty World Bangur Nagar (2017-18)

Picnic time for our little Wittians,
They had a lovely time today.
Watch them, catch them unaware,
And see them enjoy on the picnic!

After putting up a spectacular Annual Day and being a part of an enjoyable Sports Day, it was time to let our hair down! On Saturday, 17th February, our little Wittians of the Sr.KG section from Witty World (Bangur Nagar) packed their picnic bags and got on to the bus to go to Walawalkar garden. The kids had so much fun sliding down the slides, climbing on the jungle gyms, rock climbing and building hills out of sand! Healthy cheese sandwich, tetra pack juice and fruits were enough to recharge their batteries. They also played some fun games like tug of war, ball balancing & parachute play. The children and the teachers surely returned with some great memories of their picnic.


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