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Monday, June 30, 2014

Field Trip to Cloth Mill (Grade V to VII), WIS Bhilwara 30.06.2014

Our country has always been famous for different fabrics. Fabric is commonly called cloth. So, today a field trip to Cloth Mill was held for the students of Grade V, VI & VII to make them aware about the different kinds of fabrics available today. Students learned a lot about the texture, shine, thickness, colour and the material the different fabrics are made of. They also learned that fibers undergo a long process before they get converted to fabric. Students keenly observed the process of ginning, spinning and weaving used in the manufacture of fabrics. After their visit students enthusiastically answered all the questions asked by their teachers.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Sr. Kg. Write Up-Water Play 27th June 2014

Water Play serves as a catalyst to enhance a number of developmental areas like physical and social skills. It also soothes the mind and senses. It also lends itself to learning scientific and mathematical concepts. Water play also gives a liberating experience. It also acts as a stress relief arena of play as there is no right or wrong way to play it. Water play provides a lot of open ended opportunities for extended learning.

Nature’s voice is heard, you can hear it in the form of a bird! (Udaipur)

Today the 27th of June 2014 was a day with nature for the children of Grade 3 who beautifully prepared bird nests reflecting their creativity using rags, straws, twigs, nets, buds, colours and rugs to create the awesome nests.

With much zeal and enthusiasm students brought nests of a variety of birds, the pictures of which taken in the School Atrium added smiles on faces of the student.

Wittians on the top of the world! (Udaipur)

Shaurya Ranawat of Grade 2-B stood 1st in 50 metre free style swimming competition organised by District Swimming Association on 17.6.2014. She has been awarded with a memento by Dr. Girija Vyas. A moment of pride not only for Shaurya and her family but also for the entire Witty Family! 


Water play offers endless enjoyment for adults as well as for children of all ages. Water play is open ended, offering opportunities for social interactions, physical skills and concept development. Water play also includes scientific investigation, soothing sensory exploration and encourages co – operation.

In keeping with the above thought, water play  was organised for Senior. KG children on Friday, 27th June 2014. Children played with balls, measuring cups, squeaky toys, sprinkler and also had fun washing their toys. Children enjoyed splashing water on each other and had great fun during the event.  

Thursday, June 26, 2014

‘Talking animals on fingers’ at WIS, Udaipur

Children learn best by ‘doing’!
Related to the concept of different farm and domestic animals, Environmental Science teacher encouraged the students of Grade II (A & B) to prepare finger puppets of any two farm or domestic animals and present a conversation between them describing their habits and habitat.

Students gave a colloquial presentation on the same and it was an enjoyable learning activity that not only enhanced their knowledge about animals but also developed the skill to create and present the concept through a puppet show.


Feeling hot, hot, hot ………
Children enjoy cooking. Especially at this age, where they want to experiment doing everything they see. At WIS on Thursday, 26th June, 2014 children of Playgroup class made Rooh Afza during their tiffin time. They were been taught how to mix water and Rooh Afza syrup to make delicious summer drink. They relished the drink and said “Thanda, Thanda, Cool, Cool…..” 

Assembly conducted at WIS, Pawan Baug as on 26-06-2014

Assembly conducted at WIS, Pawan Baug as on 26-06-2014.

Assembly conducted at WIS Pawan Baug as on 23-06-2014

Assembly conducted at WIS, Pawan Baug as on 23-06-2014.


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