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Saturday, November 17, 2018

Outstanding Performance by a student of Witty International School, Udaipur

Dance & Sing,
Time is on Wing.
Life never knows,
The return of Spring.

Witty International School, Udaipur, feels elated to share the impeccable achievement of Manya Handa of Grade- VIII, for bagging first position in Khatak Senior Group Performance in Indo-Bali Cultural Fest, organised by Indian Art and Culture Society.

MS Powerpoint and MS Word Competition at WIS, Udaipur

Creativity is thinking new ideas…… Innovation is initiating new ventures!!
Microsoft Powerpoint is an interesting and amazingly powerful tool to foster creativity in the classroom. Witty International School, Udaipur organized MS Powerpoint and MS Word Competition for Grade V to X from November 12th to 17th, 2018. Students showcased great imagination and innovation in creating excellent presentation on different topics on their computer screens using various features of MS PowerPoint and MS Word.

The students enthusiastically participated in the competition and conveyed their creative thinking on the topics of great concern like Clean and Green India, Save Trees etc through their presentation. Not only did they incorporate many features of MS Powerpoint and MS Word but their thinking ability and presentation of the topic was highly commendable.

Visit to Car Showroom (Playgroup, Witty Kids Bhilwara) 2018-19

Let us all sit in my car,
It will take us near or far,
Zooom-Zooom,  Zooom-Zooom,
 It makes the sound,
When it takes us,
All through the town.
There are many ways to educate a child. School field trip is one such effective educational activity for students that helps facilitate fast and efficient learning. Our Witty Kids toddlers of Playgroup were taken to the Ford Car Showroom on October 26, 2018 to provide them with real-world experience. The kids were amazed to see different types of cars and their features. The teachers and team members of Ford explained the kids about the features and their uses such as it has four wheels, two wipers, two headlights, importance of using seat belt and the horn. The kids were made to sit inside the car to create a connection between the classroom learning and the real world.
The visit to car showroom allowed children to open their eyes to new environment and new culture. It positively shaped their perspective on a global level and triggers ideas and solutions.

Nut Day (Nursery, Witty Kids Bhilwara) 2018-19

At Witty, we always look for fun, engaging and exciting activities to do with toddlers to make them understand the concept. On Friday, October 26, 2018, Letter 'N' and its sound was introduced to the Nursery toddlers. The kids were asked to bring any one kind of nut in their lunch box to correlate it with the sound of letter N that is N says Nuts. The flash cards of nuts were placed in the class rooms to make the concept clear to the tiny tots. The teachers showed the flash cards and original nuts to the kids and told them to identify the same type of nuts served in plates and also explained about the importance of eating nuts. At the end of the activity, children enjoyed eating the nuts with their classmates.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Seminar on 'Cyber Security' held at WIS,Atun Road,Bhilwara (16.11.18)

A popular adage reminds us, “Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver; the other gold”, but this isn’t always true when it comes to ‘friends’ on social media. On the occasion of National Unfriend Day, Witty international school,Atun Road,Bhilwara has organized a seminar on “Cyber Security” on Friday,November 16, 2018. The keynote speaker of the day was Mr Anurag Jagetiya, Assistant professor, Department of IT. The core objective of the seminar was to create awareness about the cyber securities among the students. Mr Anurag counseled the students and helped them to better understand about the cyber space and cyber crimes. The seminar also aids to enhance the skills competencies of students in diverse areas. Students learnt about threats and vulnerabilities in today’s digital world, basic internet and network tools. They were taught about the techniques in network securities, how to identify fraud and be secured. In all it was a very informative session.

Children's Day celebrated at WIS,Atun Road,Bhilwara (14.11.18)

“Children are budding stars, the more you embrace them, the more they shine.”
Childhood is the most precious time in a person’s life; a time to build happy memories. The games we play, the toys we love, the friends we make, all the wonderful moments stay with us forever. Children give us innumerable instances of happiness and to celebrate the innocence and purity of this unconditional happiness Witty International School, Atun Road, Bhilwara celebrated Children’s Day on Tuesday, November 14, 2018 with great fun and enthusiasm. It was a fun filled day for the students. Grade I students paid homage to the first prime minister of India Shri Jawaharlal Nehru. They came dressed up as Nehruji and confidently spoke the quotes by him. On this day teachers decided to bring joy, cheers and smiles on students’ faces, hence all the teachers presented the assembly. The programme was followed with tip tapping dance performances by the dance mentors which was applauded by all. Students were amused when all the music teachers sang melodiously for them ‘bacche mann ke sacche’. At the end Principal Ma’am conveyed the greetings for Children’s Day. Students also enjoyed fun games in their games period.

Visit to Car Showroom by Playgroup kids of Witty World, Bhilwara 2018-19

Take you riding in my car,
Lock your door and buckle up
Engine it goes brmmm, brmmm
Take you riding in my car,
I'm gonna let you blow the horn
Take you riding in my car,

Children of  Playgroup class  at  Witty Word Bhilwara  went for Field Trip to Car Showroom at Sandeep Hyundai on Friday, October 26’ 2018. Children learn many things when they are actually shown in a playful method. With the same they have the urge to know more things. Practical learning has a strong impact on their tiny minds and heart. Concept given in a practical way keeps a long impression. Teacher explained the different parts of the car like horn, brake, where to put the keys etc. Children enjoyed the trip in the car with their friends and were very happy. It was a fun filled and informative trip for the little Wittians!!

Show and Tell by Playgroup toddlers of Witty Kids Bhilwara, 2018-19

We can fly in a plane,
We can ride on a train,
In a boat, we can row,
Near or Far, Fast or slow.
Witty Kids, R.C. Vyas, Bhilwara organized Show and Tell Activity on October 24, 2018  to strengthen the verbal skills of the young minds of Playgroup toddlers which helped them to build their self-confidence and self-esteem. It enabled them to improve their descriptive skills by communicating feelings, thoughts and emotions with words.
The kids were informed to bring their favorite transport toy such as airplane, car, scooter, train, bus, truck based on the theme of the month 'Modes of Transport'. The classroom was decorated as per the theme to make the activity more interesting and alive and as a reference for the kids. Children were excited to share their descriptive narration and waited eagerly for their turn. Thus, this activity helped our tiny tots to build their social, emotional and language skills.
It was an interesting and a thrilling experience for the kids sharing their feelings with peer which provided fun and comfortable learning arena for everyone involved.


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