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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Wittians, Udaipur rock the dance floor

The energetic Wittians of Grade I & II rocked the dance floor with a mesmerizing performance in the Final Round of Solo Dance Competition conducted on 28th September 2012. If the boys were ‘Desi Boys’ and ‘Bodyguard’, the girls came flaunting on the dance floor with ‘Anarkali disco chali’ and ‘Aika dajeeba’. The tiny tots of Witty through their rhythmic movements on catchy beats bound the entire audience to rock!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Best Out of Waste (Jr.KG) WIS, Bhilwara

Human existence is continuously under the threat of hazardous environment. Waste management is the only solution to save it.
In this modern world e-waste is one of the most harmful wastes. Saving the environment from this waste can prevent pollution to great extent.
Disposing e-waste into the environment can lead to permanent destruction, whereas turning this waste into some useful decorative not only saves the environment but also beautifies your homes. Jr.KG children converted this innovative idea into a beautiful wall hanging.   

Little Angels enjoying Pajama Party at Witty, Udaipur

The Nursery section of WIS was introduced to the concept of day and night by having a Pajama Party on 27th September, 2012. The children came dressed in colourful night suits. The classes were divided into day and night. The night scene was created in the class by making it dark and hanging moon and stars in it. They enjoyed making Day & Night scene on their art sheet.
Thus, this way the concept of Day and Night was introduced to them which the children enjoyed.

Lord Ganesh was welcomed amongst Wittian, Udaipur

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Star Day Nur - 2012-2013

Twinkle Twinkle little Star,
How I wonder what you are,
Up above the sky so high,
Like a diamond in the sky.
Have you ever seen stars shining during the day?? We did!!
The Nursery section of WIS saw brightly shining stars in their classes on 17th September, 2012. Our classes were decorated with twinkling stars all over as we celebrated 'Star day'. The children stuck bits of silver paper on their worksheets and then held the same while singing the rhyme. The children were thrilled to form stars using their bodies and dance on the rhyme. They also enjoyed eating their various star shaped snacks.
It was a fascinating experience for the children to watch the stars at daytime!

Pajama Party Nur - 2012 - 2013

Pajama Party of Nursery

Imagine it would be so much fun if we were allowed to go to school in our night suits!
Nursery section of WIS, had one such fun filled day as we held our Pajama Party on 20th September, 2012. All the children were dressed in their colourful night dresses. They were welcomed in the classrooms which were divided into day time and night time and decorated respectively. The daytime was shown to be bright and sunny and the night time was dark with the moon and stars shining in the sky. The children also saw slides on night after which they did a group art activity of dabbing on the moon and stars using star shaped sponge. This way, the children were taught the concept of day and night in a fun and creative way.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Children of Sr. KG went for a field trip to Easy Day on 24th September 2012,Monday to understand the concept of Baker and Grocer. They all were very happy and excited as they reached there. They were all welcome by the staff members.
They were shown the Bakery and were introduced to the Bakerman and the Bakery items such as Cakes, Pastries etc. They were introduced to Dairy and the dairy items such as milk, butter, cheese etc. Then they were introduced to Fruits and Vegetable
seller. After that they were shown all the things present at the Grocery Store such as rice, pulses, dry fruits, sugar,tea etc. They also answered the questions asked by the Manager and were gifted chocolates.
At the end children were gifted cookies by the staff. Teachers thanked the staff members for their kind cooperation and making it a memorable visit.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Garden of Five Senses at Witty, Udaipur

A Sense Booth Exhibition was organized in WIS on September 22nd, 2012. It was an experiential learning experience for children of Pre School which was managed by the children of Grade VIII. The exhibition aimed at introducing the concept of 5 Senses of human body to the children by adopting the informal techniques of teaching.
The hearing booth started with a mute movie depicting how dull the world would have been without the sound of instruments, animals etc. The taste booth commenced with the sweet counter followed by sour, salty, spicy & bitter. Children and parents enjoyed tasting different flavors. The sight booth was divided into different areas i.e. Day & Night etc. The attraction of the booth was the puppet show. The touch booth started with a path made of different textures like hard, rough, smooth etc. A hand on experience on the texture path was enjoyed by everyone. The smell booth was filled with different aromas. The smells of different objects were experienced by everybody. Different types of smells such as pleasant, strong, mild were displayed. The games at smell & taste booth was liked by the parents.
The puppet theater was a walk away success which drew large crowds and held them fascinated by the presentation given by students.
The exhibition was a grand success and was appreciated by the parents as it was new approach of teaching the children in an informal way.

Type of Houses (Grade III) WIS, Bhilwara

A house protects us from heat, cold, rain, animal’s thieves etc. An ideal house is where one can move and work freely and which is properly ventilated having doors and windows to allow fresh air to come is along with proper sun light. Different types and sizes of houses cater to the varied needs of occupants.
An activity of making houses using waste material not only creates an awareness to use the waste, but also allow a child to imagine a good house for himself thereby enhancing the creativity of the child and helping him to understand the concept in a better the children used the opportunity and made beautiful houses, taking care and all the requisites of an ideal house.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Save Trees (Grade V) WIS, Bhilwara

The best way to convey a message is through a poster. It is a visual treat for the onlookers. A poster with colourful depictions and a catchy slogan attracts the passersby to stop and see it. Grade V students made an appeal to save trees in the form of a Poster.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Witty echoed with Ganpati Bappa Morya.WIS, Udaipur

The favorite Lord of all ages the “Lambodar-Ekdantay-Vakratundaya-Ganeshaya- Ganabhikshay Charbhujaya “was welcomed amongst Wittians. He was adorned with flowers, colours and the most important was the devotion of its devotees-  the pupils and the staff of Witty International School, Udaipur. The great deity was welcomed with his full family. Short skits were staged depicting stories from the life  of Lord Ganesha .
Students sang the praise through the Ganesh Vandana. The essence of the function was complete with a beautiful dance number. The young buds of Witty, Udaipur performed a mesmerizing dance ‘Ganpati Deva’. Principal, Ms Shubha Govil, greeted all present on the occasion. Director, Ms Preeti Sogani extended her best wishes for the same.


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