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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Heartiest!! Congratulations to Shaurya Ranawat

Heartiest Congratulations To Shaurya Ranawat for bagging 2 silver and 2 bronze medals in State Level Sub Junior Swimming Championship held at Bhilwara.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Summer Camp at WIS, Udaipur

“School out, Summer in, Let the drama stop and the fun begin”

Summer camping is all about learning, making friends and having fun.
Camp provides the opportunity to take risks in a safe environment, to wonder, to explore and to learn. It’s a wonderful way to spend the summer.
On Saturday, 5th May, 2018 little Wittians of pre-primary started their Summer Camp at Witty International School, Udaipur. The camp had a positive effect on kid’s mind and physical health. The little toddlers had so many new experiences and a lot of fun.

They enjoyed sports, music, dance, phonic and brain nuture. Let’s not forget about the puppet shows, cooking experience and the art & craft that they had done meticulously with so much interest.

The 6 days of Summer Camp were full of fun and excitement for the little ones. Every day was a new challenge for them. These days full of joy and happiness will remain memorable for the little Wittians.

Monday, May 7, 2018

The Investiture Ceremony at WIS, Udaipur

‘Students of today are visionaries and torch bearers of tomorrow’.

The Investiture Ceremony of Witty International School for the academic session 2018-19 was held with zest and zeal.

The Chief Guest Mr. Chhail Bihari Sharma, Co-Scout, esteemed director Ms. Preeti Sogani, CEO, Mr. Archit Mehta and Principal Ms. Shubha Govil graced the occasion with their presence. The ceremony commenced with a motivational song by the Witty Choir. The senior and junior student council constituting 38 members were sworn in as the new office bearers for the current session. They were conferred with badges & sashes. The student council took the pledge to hold the school motto of Loyalty, Truth & Honour in high esteem.
Khushi Paliwal & Bhavesh Suthar was selected as the Head Girl & Head Boy respectively. Taha Kanorwala & Kavya Arora were selected as the Jr. Head Boy & Head Girl.

The Principal, Ms. Shubha Govil, congratulated the leaders. She advocated them to be role models shouldering their responsibilities with Integrity & Loyalty. Awarded with new sashes & badges the council sought blessings of the teachers & parents. Mr. Archit Mehta shared his valuable insights.
The entire Ceremony concluded with a positive note that ‘Leaders are not born but made’. The light of empowerment, enrichment & discipline shall always ignite in us.

Weather and Climate Activity at WIS, Udaipur

Wherever you go
No matter what the weather,
Always bring your own sunshine.

Students of Grade-V (A, B, C) participated in an activity based on weather and climate.
In this activity students learnt to prepare and speak weather report. They acted as the news-reporters.
Through this activity they developed the skills of observation, recording and reporting.
Students exhibited their quality of articulation, intonation, presentation and the clarity of their speech.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Splash Pool Party at WIS, Udaipur

One can’t have more fun than playing with water on a hot day in a splash pool!

A water play activity in young children strengthens motor skills, builds balance,
sharpens co-ordination and also builds stability to propel and navigate.

WIS, Udaipur held a pool party for the students of Grade- 2nd on 5th May, 2018.
The poolside was abundantly decorated with balloons, balls and buntings. Tables were arranged with colourful umbrellas to add ambience to the party. The tiny tots turned up in colourful swim suits. Observant teachers clasped their little hands and led them in to wade. It was not long before the wary faces filled with frolic!
Refreshing drinks and music to make the mood were relished by all.

At the end of the session, the kids were still beaming and in no hurry to beat a retreat!

Friday, May 4, 2018

Splash Pool Party at WIS, Udaipur

Summer is the perfect time to explore, and there’s nothing more fun than spending time in water. On Friday, 4th May, 2018 students of Grade-I at Witty International School, Udaipur were all set to beat the heat and had fun in the “Water Play” organized for them.
With the sun sitting high in a cloudless sky, kids and parents gathered together for the water play. Both parents and kids enjoyed completely with favourite music, conversations and lots of laughter.
Of course, no pool party is complete without foods and drinks. Parents & Kids enjoyed each bite of the snacks served.
Kids had a great weekend making a tremendous beginning to their summer vacations.

Debate Activity held at WIS,Atun Road,Bhilwara (Gr VII & VIII, 04.05.18)

Communication skills are vital life skill, developing communication skills can benefit us in all aspects of our life.
A debate is a discussion in which participants articulate, justify and clarify their positions on an issue. In this informal debate plan, rebuttals attempt to refute statements made by the opposing side. Keeping this in mind Witty International School, Atun Road, Bhilwara has organized a Debate Activity on Friday, May 04, 2018 for the students of Grade VII & VIII on the topic “Every child should have a mobile phone”. Students learnt how to develop communication, cognitive and presentational skills and also the power of deploying rational, reasoned arguments and compelling evidence in action. It enables them to elucidate their standpoint through utilizing rhetorical eloquence. It instills in debaters a great sense of poise and confidence.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Water Play Activity at WIS, Udaipur

 Let’s get wet and beat the heat!!!
Splash around and get some fun, play in the water and beat the sun.

The summer is a great time for kids to get wet and engage in water play and exploration.
Water play can help to improve children’s balance strength body coordination and social development.
On 1st, 2nd and 3rd of May 2018 at Witty International School, Udaipur, a fun filled water play activity was organized for the pre-primary kids.
Little Wittians enjoyed water play with their peers and parents.
The pools were arranged and rain shower was created at the school backyard. The area was adorned with different toys, balloons, happy sun, rainbow etc.
The little toddlers enjoyed jumping splashing and dancing on different numbers under the ‘rain shower’. There was a special photo corner based on the theme where parents and kids enjoyed clicking their photos with different props. It was a fun frolic and memorable day for the little Wittians.


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