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Friday, May 4, 2018

Debate Activity held at WIS,Atun Road,Bhilwara (Gr VII & VIII, 04.05.18)

Communication skills are vital life skill, developing communication skills can benefit us in all aspects of our life.
A debate is a discussion in which participants articulate, justify and clarify their positions on an issue. In this informal debate plan, rebuttals attempt to refute statements made by the opposing side. Keeping this in mind Witty International School, Atun Road, Bhilwara has organized a Debate Activity on Friday, May 04, 2018 for the students of Grade VII & VIII on the topic “Every child should have a mobile phone”. Students learnt how to develop communication, cognitive and presentational skills and also the power of deploying rational, reasoned arguments and compelling evidence in action. It enables them to elucidate their standpoint through utilizing rhetorical eloquence. It instills in debaters a great sense of poise and confidence.



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