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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wittians in a Festive mood Celebrating Eid

Eid ul-Fitr that is the “Festival of breaking of the fast ", also called the Sweet Festival. Eid was celebrated at Witty International School, Udaipur with great zeal and enthusiasmThe young Wittians tried to share the same message through their presentations in a special assembly where students of Grade V gave information about the festival and also presented a skit through which they tried to spread the message of equality.
Eid is a religious festival celebrated by the Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan. It is a single day celebration, during which Muslims are not permitted to fast. This is a day when Muslims around the world show a common goal of unity.
It is a single day celebration, during which Muslims are not permitted to fast. This is a day when Muslims around the world show a common goal of unity.

Dramatization of Baker Activity JR KG AFT (2014-15) WIS, Malad

Pat – a – cake, Pat – a – cake,
Baker’s man,
Bake me a cake, as fast as you can.
Pat it and prick it and mark it with‘T’
And put it in the oven for teacher and me.

Theme for the month of July 2014 is“Community helpers”. As a part of this theme, children of Jr.KG section were educated about the community helper – “Baker”. A dramatization activity was organized on Wednesday, 30 July, 2014 to make the learning fun-filled and creative. Children were made to dress like bakers and they enacted on the rhymes “Pat a cake, hot cross buns and 5 cherry buns in the baker’s shop”. The activity session was energetic and children participated with enthusiasm. It helped in a great way for the children to understand about the concept ‘baker’ and how he functions as a community helper. 

Eye Check-up Activity Jr. KG. & Sr. KG. Section ( 2014- 15 ) WIS, Malad

Through our twinkling eyes, we see our magical world.
So that we come to know, where to skip and where to twirl.
So let me check the depth of my tearing pools,
Do they have the sight of an eagle or have to follow the doctor's rules?

 Eye specialist, Dr. Sarwaiya visited the Junior. KG and  Senior. KG  class on Wednesday, 30 July 2014 for a detailed “Eye check up” for the children.
He educated children on good practices such as not to watch television from closer distances, not to play with sharp pointed objects such as pencils, scissors and knife. He also provided valuable eye care tips such as, if some small particles like dust enters in to one’s eyes, they should wash their eyes with water instead of rubbing them.
Thus the eye check up session was very helpful and knowledgeable for children in knowing how to keep their eyes safe and healthy.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eid Celebration at Witty World

India is a country of various and diverse religions and cultures.Early exposure to this wonderful pot-pouri of festivals and celebrations  is extremely beneficial to social development, and inculcates  a healthy respect for other religions and cultures.
At witty world therefore the focus is on celebrating the social aspect of every festival, by exploring the unique way in which each festival is celebrated.

Little Wittians celebrated Eid by making an Eid card , and understanding how Eid is celebrated world over. They thoroughly enjoyed the creative process of making a card and talking about Eid.

Making Science Colorful Secondary Section (2014-15) WIS , Malad

                                          Making Science Colorful

Witty International School organised a paper chromatography session for the students of Grade VII. Paper Chromatography is a complex looking but simple process of separating and analyzing the solvents in dyes.
                 The students had great fun all the while learning about pigments and solubility. Chromatography is defined by many as the advent of art in chemistry. “ I generally don’t like chemistry but the art hidden in this mundane science, helped me forget my hatred , even if it was for a short time.’’, agrees Yashvi Agrawal, a student of Grade VII.   
           The purpose of this activity was to observe how chromatography can be used to separate mixtures of chemical substances . Students enjoyed the combination of science and art.
        All the students agree whole – heartedly that this was one of the best experiences ever. ‘’ Chemistry has never been this fun’’, was all that the students had to say about chromatography. This is the first time that a scientific approch has received such laurels. For which I can only say , Kudos to the science teachers ! 


Chocolate making activity (Sr. KG) WIS, Bhilwara on 28.07.2014

I have chocolate
I have chocolate
 I love chocolate
 Yum yum yum
 I love chocolate
 In my tum.
Children love chocolate and what if they prepare the chocolates and relish their own preparation. Wow! It sounds interesting and amazing. The tiny tots of Sr. KG WIS, Bhilwara made chocolate on Monday 28, July 2014. Children learnt the process of chocolate making and the ingredients used in it. They mixed the cocoa powder, sugar, coconut powder, cherry in the milk and made chocolate pieces. Children touched, felt and tasted the chocolate and said wow ! yummy chocolate. It was a delicious preparation prepared by the children. 

Rhyme Enactament (Nursery) WIS, Bhilwara 28.07.2014

Our little wittians of Nursery WIS, Bhilwara came dressed as black sheep, master, boy and dame on Monday, 28 July 2014 for the Rhyme Enactment of the rhyme. “Baa Baa black sheep” They enjoyed singing the rhyme and visualizing the characters. They also learnt about black color and the concept of number 3 was also explained through this rhyme. They also came to know that we get wool from sheep. Overall it was a great learning experience for the little ones.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Eid Celebration Pre -Primary Section [2014-15] WIS,Malad

As a school with diverse languages and cultures, we enjoy taking part in the community events and support our local families.
God is one, so respect all religions!
Just not saying through words but practically believing upon it our pre primary section At WIS celebrated “Eid” on Monday, 28 July 2014. Teachers explained the importance of the festival and who celebrates the festival? Children enjoyed the card making activity and greeted “Eid Mubarak” to each other.

Monday, July 28, 2014

EID Celebrated At WIS,Bhilwara(28.07.14)

Eid Mubarke, Eid Mubarke
Our Eid has come
To bring us peace
To bring us love
To cherish our life
It is the time
We muslims came together
Shoulder to shoulder
It is the time
We muslims share 
Share our love
Share believe
Eid Mubarke, Eid Mubarke
Eid means festivity.A muslim festival celebrated to end the long month fasting Ramdan, by sighting of the moon. Eid is one of the major festivals and is celebrated in all parts of India as people exchange greetings and sweets. Students of WIS, Bhilwara also celebrated this festival of brotherhood with gaiety and joy. They recited a lovely poem on Eid highlighting the importance of the festival. Speeches were also presented by the students in which they informed how and why Eid is celebrated.
At the end Principal gave a lovely message to students to live in harmony. She said that Live life in harmony. Balance the elements of life around you to live in peace. Let your worries go. Do not stress over things you cannot control. Live,be happy and make others happy with your good deeds

A Novel Way of Conducting a Meeting ( Secondary Section Teacher's 2014-2015) , WIS Malad.

A Novel Way of Conducting a Meeting

   An educational workshop was conducted in ‘Witty International School’, which witnessed a whole hearted participation from its teachers. The activity planned, was actually the idea of our school’s headmistress, Dr. Mrs. Sabina Keshwani. Group of teachers, with four teachers per group, wherein each group leader explained the nuances of the topic assigned. The entire assignment resembled a case study like brain storming sessions between the members of the group. The workshop was a great success, duly lauded by all.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

WIS SCINEMA delivers a wakeup call on Environmental Protection [2014-2015]

As we dawned into the third successful week of WIS SCINEMA we continued to explore the most astounding scientific facts and also pondered on our role in protecting our planet. At Witty International School we believe that Films can present scientific fact in a compelling visual narrative and they have the potential to open the minds of the students to the world around them. We aim to show the world’s best internationally acclaimed documentaries and movies on the unexplored parts of our planet.

Last week we introduced the concept “Bring a friend” which turned out to be a successful programme where we were happy to be a part of bringing about scientific awareness in our society. So this week we once again invited guest students from other schools all over Mumbai.

Last two weeks we had shown the students internationally acclaimed documentaries so today in our festival we introduced a science fiction animated movie “ WALL-E” with a beautiful central idea.
The movie took place a few hundred years in the future, and the students first met a loveable protagonist WALL*E (an acronym for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) as he wandered the post-apocalyptic landscape of an abandoned city, picking up the trash left behind by humans.

This movie made the students reflect on the damages we are causing to our beautiful planet Earth. There were scenes where we see that humans have become so commercialized and such slaves of technology that even to get up from their place they need a robot to help them. As humans we always feel we are on top of the food chain and ignore environmental protection. So this movie warned us of the dangers we face if we continue with our present habits and it promoted commendable values like friendship, loyalty and moral responsibility.


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