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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cooking Activity in PG (2014-15) at Witty World

It was Jr. Master Chef time at Witty World!!Little wittians of the Play Group class thoroughly  enjoyed donning their chef hats and getting into cooking mode, as they made a healthy,  tasty , tangy  Bhel.
Cooking is a complete and sensorial  experience which involves  the sense of smell, sight, touch and but of course the sense of taste. The little ones got a taste of their own cooking, and what a fun and wholesome learning experience it was!!

Dramatization of Fruit & Vegetables Vendor PG Section (2014-15) WIS, Malad

There were lots of smiles and happy faces at WIS on Tuesday, 30 September 2014 as this month children explored the bright and colourful world of fruits and vegetables. Students had the opportunity to learn and taste various fruits and vegetables. The children were encouraged to ask as many questions and along with their teachers they enjoyed researching on many new fruits and vegetables. During the month children were engaged in art activities and other activities such as 'making a delicious fruit Salad' ‘yummy healthy Bhel’ and bringing in fruit and vegetable in their tiffin to share with all. And then the last week arrived- we were ready for a grand culmination to an eventful month. Our fruit and vegetable bazaar  met with a fantastic response from children. Our ever enthusiastic staff made WIS a world of a sabzi bhandaar replete with vegetable and fruit vendors amidst a perfect set up of a market place. Spirits were high as teacher and children in their garb of vendor staged a perfect show. Our little Wittians were now complete shoppers. They had their bags, their loose change and were extremely decisive in their choice of fruits and vegetables.

Healthy Bhel Day PG Section (2014-15) WIS, Malad

Education is not about churning out successful individuals but also creating world citizens who are compassionate, empathetic and well adjusted. We need to remind ourselves that our children would remember us for feelings of sharing and caring we cherish in them. To inculcate the value of sharing and to foster healthy and good eating habits “Healthy Bhel Day” was organised at WIS for Playgroup section on Tuesday, 30 September 2014.

Little chefs of WIS prepared Healthy bhel by mixing variety of items in a bowl. Children brought different chopped vegetables, sev and puffed rice in their tiffin with which our tiny tots prepared Healthy and yummy bhel.

The bhel was a real tongue thriller as it was oil free and healthy too....

Celebrated Orange Colour Day (Nursery) WIS, Bhilwara 30.09.2014

Orange is the colour of saffron. It is between red and yellow on the spectrum of light. This is a symbolic colour of Buddhism and Hinduism. the little ones of Nursery celebrated Orange Colour Day with great fun. The entire Nursery classroom was decorated with orange colour object, balloons etc. The toddlers came in orange coloured clothes and brought orange coloured objects such as lion, tiger, orange, Chota Bheem etc. Through this activity could recognize orange colour.

Healthy Bhel Day at WIS, Udaipur

The last of my tomatoes are in the basket, I keep in the corner of my kitchen shelf. I can’t remember when I picked them but there are much, too many to eat myself. Children of PG were introduced to Tomato and Capsicum and enjoyed doing printing using tomato and capsicum as a stencil. Children enjoyed making Bhel by mixing tomato and capsicum along with puffed rice. They also enjoyed sharing the same with their peers.

Introduced Tomato and Capsicum (Playgroup) WIS, Bhilwara 29.09.2014

The sparkling stars of Playgroup were introduced to vegetables such as tomato and capsicum with great fun. The kids learnt that the tomato is red in colour from inside and outside, and it can be eaten raw or can be added to vegetables and cooked. It is a type of chilly but not too spicy. The kids also did the capsicum and tomato printing in the worksheet. The little buddies helped the teacher in making healthy bhel. They named the different vegetables which were mixed in bhel such as tomato, capsicum, cucumber and coriander leaves. Children ate the bhel. Through this activity the kids could do a recap of few vegetables done and identify the vegetables.

Community helpers dress up day (Sr. KG) WIS, Bhilwara 29.09.2014

The tiny tots of Sr. KG did the activity of community helpers dress up day. Children came dressed as different community helpers like- teacher, baker, postman, cobbler, firefighter, policeman, nurse etc. Some children prepared two or three lines related to their character and some prepared rhymes related to community helpers. They were very excited to show their friends whom they were representing and happy to see their friends representing any other character. To boost the morale of the little wittians they were given participation certificates. The kids were very happy to receive the certificates. They enjoyed this activity a lot.

Monday, September 29, 2014



Witty International School always believes in celebrating every festival with pomp and splendor. Thus the Navratri festival was celebrated to keep up with the festive environment. 
All the students and the teachers came dressed in vibrant coloured traditional attire. 
Students performed Garba Raas to the tunes of their favourite beats. They enjoyed dancing on the occasion to the hilt. They were seen moving to a fusion of beats from the traditional to the very contemporary. The whole school resonated with joy and happiness.

Wittians swayed on Dandiya night (Udaipur)

Witty International School hosted “Dandiya Masti 2014” on Saturday, 27th Sept. 2014, the third night of the Navratri festival. The programme began with Lightning of Lamp and Aarti of Goddess Durga by the directors Mr. Deepen Sogani, Ms. Preeti Sogani, Principal Ms. Shubha Govil and the Witty Staff. Then the entire Witty family, dressed in exceptionally beautiful and traditional outfits, danced gracefully in unison. As the entire Witty family, consisting of the young students, the parents, and the teachers danced with joy, it created a wonderful expression of elation and excitement. “Dandiya Decoration Competition” was the attraction of the night. Parents enthusiastically participated in the competition and displayed their artistic talent. Winners were announced and gifted with prizes. Dandiya Masti was concluded by everyone enjoying to their heart’s content and experiencing the beautiful bond between teachers, students, and the parents. 

Field Trip to ‘The Discovery of India’ Grade II & III (2014-15) WIS, Malad

Field Trip to ‘The Discovery of India’

 The spirit of India has fascinated the world with its very mystique. Keeping this objective in mind, the students of Witty International School of Grade II and III were taken for a field trip to ‘The Discovery of India’ on Saturday, 27th September, 2014 to understand, feel and experience the true essence of India – a voyage as seen through the eyes of Jawaharlal Nehru. Students had the opportunity to experience through multimedia the richness of culture, the glory of the past, the turbulences and the triumphs; the landmark of each era, the achievements of each age, the legacy of the regime. They walked through a diorama depicting pre-historic and Gurukul life, the different galleries, such as, the Mauryan Peace, confluence of cultures, continuity and change, synthesis, impact of the West, struggle for freedom. They were also shown a documentary film on ‘Who are We’ giving a message of secularism, harmony and unity in diversity. The trip was immensely enjoyed by the students. It provided them with a wonderful learning opportunity. Teachers thanked the staff and the management for their assistance and co-operation.


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