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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dramatization of Fruit & Vegetables Vendor PG Section (2014-15) WIS, Malad

There were lots of smiles and happy faces at WIS on Tuesday, 30 September 2014 as this month children explored the bright and colourful world of fruits and vegetables. Students had the opportunity to learn and taste various fruits and vegetables. The children were encouraged to ask as many questions and along with their teachers they enjoyed researching on many new fruits and vegetables. During the month children were engaged in art activities and other activities such as 'making a delicious fruit Salad' ‘yummy healthy Bhel’ and bringing in fruit and vegetable in their tiffin to share with all. And then the last week arrived- we were ready for a grand culmination to an eventful month. Our fruit and vegetable bazaar  met with a fantastic response from children. Our ever enthusiastic staff made WIS a world of a sabzi bhandaar replete with vegetable and fruit vendors amidst a perfect set up of a market place. Spirits were high as teacher and children in their garb of vendor staged a perfect show. Our little Wittians were now complete shoppers. They had their bags, their loose change and were extremely decisive in their choice of fruits and vegetables.



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