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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Nature Walk at WIS, Udaipur

On Thursday, 28th November 2013 Children of Nursery were introduced to the concept of Birds. They were taken for a Nature Walk in the garden area of the School campus. Little Wittians enjoyed watching different types of birds like sparrow, pigeon, parrot etc.

Introduction to Mode of Transport at WIS, Udaipur

On Thursday, 28th November 2013 Playgroup children were introduced to Transport. They were told about various mode of transport with the help of objects and flash cards. They tried to answer questions related to the mode of Transport they use.


                                                  "SPARKLE-WITTY TALENT SHOW"
Witty International school believes that children should not only excel in their studies but also each child should be groomed in every aspect of life, we also believe that each child is unique and talented in his or her own way. We also realise that children are more confident and comfortable when their parents are along with them. So for the first time WIS organised a special show called "SPARKLE-WITTY TALENT SHOW" where the parent also participated along with the child.
A special platform was given to the students of Sr.KG on Saturday, 23rd November 2013 in the school premises where the child along with his or her parent participated in various categories like dancing ,singing, advertisement, stand-up comedy and playing instrumental music. It was great to see how the parent supported their little ones and gave them the confidence they needed. It was good to see the confidence with which the child performed along with the parent.
Our principal Dr.Raina Jain congratulated the little ones for their confidence and zeal and appreciated their parents for giving support to their loved ones and helping them build up their confidence. Certificates were distributed to each and every child who performed.


Wednesday, November 27, 2013

See my Glass is Full! (WIS, Udaipur)

On Wednesday, 27th November 2013 Children of Play Group were introduced to the Math concept – Full and Empty with the help of glass, basket etc. Children enjoyed the activity and tried to answer the related questions.

Wittians Participated in Quiz Contest (Grade 1 to 7) 27.11.2013

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.”

Building successful personalities are not based on luck but on your efforts. There are numerous books read but only some grasp that prestigious knowledge. So, Witty International School decided to organize a G.K Quiz in school campus that can bring great new opportunity for everyone. Students were divided into four groups according to their level. Students had to fight four rounds to be the achievers. Rounds were as follows-

First- General Question Round
Second- Buzz Buzzer Round
Third- Audio/Visual Round
Fourth- Rapid Fire Round

Students showed a fair participation with great enthusiasm and they learned the importance of practical knowledge. At the end honorable Director Sir, motivated the students to keep the same zeal in the upcoming events too.

Show and Tell activity (Jr. KG) 25.11.2013

On Monday, 25th November' 2013 the children of Jr. Kg. had an activity 'show and tell' in which children brought objects that they would like to take with them to space and said a few lines on why they want to take that object. They enjoyed the activity by visualising different objects and listening to the need of it in the space.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Follow the Path activity at WIS, Udaipur

On Monday, 25th November 2013 Children of Play Group enjoyed walking on the triangle, square and circle shaped path. They also tried to answer the questions related to the Shapes.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Wittians prepare their own Cookies at WIS Udaipur

Children enjoyed cooking experience by making unbaked cookies using the recipe:
Ingredients: ½ cup raisins, ½ cup chocolate powder, 2 tablespoons honey, Hide and seek biscuits.
Instructions: Pour raisins and honey into a mixing bowl. Put several biscuits in a plastic bag. Crush them with a rolling pin. Add in the bowl until the mixture is dry enough to roll into balls.
Making cookies using the above instructions was a great experience for the children.


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