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Thursday, November 28, 2013


                                                  "SPARKLE-WITTY TALENT SHOW"
Witty International school believes that children should not only excel in their studies but also each child should be groomed in every aspect of life, we also believe that each child is unique and talented in his or her own way. We also realise that children are more confident and comfortable when their parents are along with them. So for the first time WIS organised a special show called "SPARKLE-WITTY TALENT SHOW" where the parent also participated along with the child.
A special platform was given to the students of Sr.KG on Saturday, 23rd November 2013 in the school premises where the child along with his or her parent participated in various categories like dancing ,singing, advertisement, stand-up comedy and playing instrumental music. It was great to see how the parent supported their little ones and gave them the confidence they needed. It was good to see the confidence with which the child performed along with the parent.
Our principal Dr.Raina Jain congratulated the little ones for their confidence and zeal and appreciated their parents for giving support to their loved ones and helping them build up their confidence. Certificates were distributed to each and every child who performed.




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