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Thursday, March 29, 2012

White Day PG (2011-2012)

White is the colour of purity and innocence.The little playgroup children were looking like angles dressed in pure white. The class was beautifully decorated with white colour objects on Thursday,23rd February 2012.Teacher narrated a wonderful story on the colour white, where the little baby brought moonlight as a birthday gift for  bear.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Black day PG- Aft (2011-2012)

Black Day
After the introduction of white colour, it was most appropriate to introduce the colour black. On Friday, 24th February 2012 all children wore black colour clothes. Even the teachers came dressed in black. The children were introduced to the beauty of black colour like the beautiful black night, etc.

Black Day PG-Mor (2011-2012)

Black Day
After the introduction of white colour, it was most appropriate to introduce the colour black. On Friday, 24th February 2012 all children wore black colour clothes. Even the teachers came dressed in black. The children were introduced to the beauty of black colour like the beautiful black night, etc.

Celebrating ten years of Excellence in Education

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Poem Enactment Day - Queen of Hearts Nur (2011-2012)

Audio visuals are a good way of learning. Here in WIS we follow the rule and take a step ahead in imparting knowledge to our children by using audio visuals, because we believe that young children are active learners. They learn faster if the things are visually shown to them.
Children were shown the poem slides, they enjoyed watching the colorful pictures and started singing the poem along with the teacher.
The Nursery section had their Poem  Enactment Day on the poem 'Queen of Hearts' on Thursday, 9th February 2012.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pajama Party PG (2011-2012)

Pajama Party

It was time for the 'Pajama Party' in school. On Tuesday, 21st February 2012, the day was very unusual for Playgroup children as they all came to school in their night suits. Teacher took the introduction of the Moon.Children played a game, where they took turns to aim at a ball with the star shape bean bag. Children enjoyed their day having a very different kind of a party.

Making Rose Cold Drink Nur (2011-2012)

We all generally believe that children learn things by doing it practically. Our motto well defines “Discovery with action”.
The flower Rose was introduced on Friday 3rd February 2012,as the theme of the month for Nursery is ‘Flowers and Insects’ . And to give practical knowledge to our little Wittians, we made rose cold drink during the recess time . Children love to do things by themselves. Teacher gave them water to mix into the rose syrup and later children relished the taste of rose cold drink. Overall, it was an enjoyable experience.

Field trip to A.K. Recreation Garden Nur (2011-2012)

A  Field trip was conducted for the children of Nursery Section to A. K. Recreation Garden on Thursday, 23rd February, 2012.
The garden was big, calm and peaceful. The children were excited to see the fountain at the entrance. They were welcomed by beautiful bees and butterflies buzzing around them. Children were able to name all the flowers in the garden. Each of them thoroughly enjoyed playing  on the slides and the other rides.
Teachers made the trip very informative by enhancing their knowledge about the insects, plants and flowers.
They returned to school after enjoying a fantastic day out with friends in the garden.

Sunshine Day PG (2011-2012)

'Sunshine Day'
On 7th February 2012, the Playgroup section celebrated 'Sunshine Day'. To make this topic more interesting, a cooking activity was conducted with the children.
Children were taught to make sunshine sandwiches. This activity not only taught them simple cooking, but also helped in the enhancement of the concept. They were given mango jam to be applied on the slice of bread. Children just enjoyed this yummy sandwich. They were glad and loved this simple cooking experience.

Healthy Salad Day PG (2011-2012)

Healthy Salad Day
On 3rdFebruary 2012, we had a Healthy Salad Day for the Playgroup section, where children made a salad, which made the cooking activity more interesting. Children were asked to bring the ingredients required for the salad.
Tomatoes are red, beans are green,
Carrots are yummy, Corns are sweet,
 Sprouts are best,
Potatoes are brown, onions are pink,
And when all these are mixed together..
We become strong!
Vegetables makes us healthy and wise.
All the ingredients were mixed in a bowl and then the Healthy Salad was ready and served to each child. At the same time they were encouraged and told to have healthy food to become strong.
This just created a magic and surprisingly kids loved it and enjoyed a lot.
It was amazing that children learnt to have healthy food in a playful way what can be better than this.

Sun Bathing Day PG (2011-2012)

Sun Bathing Day

On 6th February 2012, the Playgroup section enjoyed ‘Sun Bathing Day’.
Teacher introduced the ‘Sun’, and to experience the same, all were taken out to sun bathe.
Children were asked to get their hats, towel, sun-glasses, and umbrella. After introducing Mr. Sun all kids were taken out to see the Sun. All towels were arranged on the ground, and children were asked to lie down on their towel. They wore their sunglasses and opened umbrellas and enjoyed the Sun bath. Teacher sang songs on the Sun and children were very happy with this unique experience.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Holi is a religious spring festival celebrated by Hindus. On the first day of this festival, Hindus participate in a public bonfire. Prior to the event, men prepare for this by collecting extra wood. The fire itself is lit near midnight, as the moon rises. The main custom of Holi is the use of the colored powders and water on others. This is why Holi is given the name “Festival of Colors.”

The legend on King Hiranyakashipu is one of the explanations Hindus look back to. The King condemned his son, Prahlad, from worshipping the god Vishnu. However, he continued to pray to him. Filled with anger, the King made a challenge to his son. He was to sit on a pyre along with his aunt Holika, believed to be unharmed by fire. The son accepted the challenge, praying to Vishnu to protect him. As the fire began, Holika was burnt to a crisp but Prahlad lived and was unharmed. This burning of Holika is the reason why Holi exists.

“Let the colors of Holi
Spread the message of peace and happiness.”
The dominant idea behind Holi festival
Is that we should live more in harmony
With nature instead of trying to destroy her and make her our slave.”
“Holi is the apt time to break the ice
Renew relationships and link yourself with those
That you wanted to with bit of color.”

Black & White Day PG 2011-2012


In keeping with the on going theme of day and night, the children of Playgroup celebrated Black and White day on Tuesday 28th february2012.
White depicts day and black depicts night, both of them are in their own way.
The beauty of this natural phenomenom was explained to the children through the colours black and white.


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