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Tuesday, March 29, 2011


At a plain, black well-pump in the small southern town of Tuscumbia, Alabama, one of the world's great miracles took place. It began one bright, spring day in 1887. Puffy white clouds floated overhead on a background of blue, while birds fluttered through oaks and maples and flowers burst forth from the fertile soil in an array of colors—all unheard and unseen by a pretty girl of seven.
Standing at the totally blind and deaf Helen Keller's side was a young woman, Anne Sullivan. Miss Sullivan was steadily pumping cool water into one of the girl's hands while repeatedly tapping out an alphabet code of five letters in the other—first slowly, then rapidly. The scene was repeated again and again as young Helen painstakingly struggled to break her world of silence.
Suddenly the signals crossed Helen's consciousness with a meaning. She knew that "w-a-t-e-r" meant the cool something flowing over her hand. Darkness began to melt from her mind like so much ice left out on the sunny March day. By nightfall, Helen had learned 30 words.                                                                                                                 
Helen Adams Keller was born a healthy child on June 27, 1880, to Captain Arthur H. and Kate Adams Keller of Tuscumbia. At the tender age of 19 months, she was stricken with a severe illness which left her blind and deaf.
At the age of six, the half-wild, deaf and blind girl was taken by her parents to see Dr. Alexander Graham Bell. Because of her visit, Helen was united with her teacher Anne Mansfield Sullivan on March 3, 1887. After Helen's miraculous break-through at the simple well-pump, she proved so gifted that she soon learned the fingertip alphabet and shortly afterward to write. By the end of August, in six short months, she knew 625 words.
By age 10, Helen had mastered Braille as well as the manual alphabet and even learned to use the typewriter. By the time she was 16, Helen could speak well enough to go to preparatory school and to college. In 1904 she was graduated "cum laude" from Radcliffe College. The teacher stayed with her through those years, interpreting lectures and class discussions to her.
Helen Keller, the little girl, became one of history's remarkable women. She dedicated her life to improving the conditions of blind and the deaf-blind around the world, lecturing in more than 25 countries on the five major continents. Wherever she appeared, she brought new courage to millions of blind people.                                                                                           
Her teacher, Anne Sullivan is remembered as "the Miracle Worker" for her lifetime dedication, patience and love to a half-wild southern child trapped in a world of darkness.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Skating Camp:SR KG Section

Skating Camp:
     Skating camp for Sr.Kg were held in different months. As Sr.Kg A and B had their skating camp in the month of October2010. Sr.Kg C and D had it in the month of February 2011 and Sr.Kg E in the month of March 2011. All the Witty parents were invited to see the show on the last day of the camp.

Holi Celebration:SR KG Section

       Holi Celebration:
As Holi is a festival of colors’, children of Sr.Kg had a water play. These kids were taken down for the water play. All the kids were ready with their swim costumes and varieties of water guns. Children enjoyed playing in water.

Field Trip to D-Mart:SR KG Sction

              Field Trip to D-Mart:
Children of Sr.Kg were taken to D-Mart on 2nd and 3rd of March to explore different types of fruit and vegetables. Children were also made aware of different types of grains and pulses which are very important to us.

Basanth Panchami: SR KG Section

Basanth Panchami:
On 7th of Feb 2011 children celebrated Basant Panchami  by doing a splash activity with yellow and orange paint and all the classrooms were decorated with yellow and orange flowers.

Red Day:-SR Kg Section

Red Day
14th of Feb 2011 is celebrated as Red Day on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. All the children came dressed in Red colored clothes and got heart shaped snacks in their tiffin boxes. They also enjoyed making ‘Heart shape finger puppet’. Teachers explained with the help of a story why this day is celebrated.

Fruit Chaat Day:-SR KG Section

Fruit Chaat Day
On 11thof Feb 2011 children celebrated this day as Fruit  Chaat Day as the theme for the month was ‘Fruits and Vegetables’.  Children were asked to get different types of fruit for the same. Children enjoyed mixing all the fruits and having it. It was a very good experience for the small kids.

Makar-Sankranti Celebration: SR KG Section

      Makar-Sankranti Celebration: Makar-Sankranti is celebrated as a festival of kites and harvesting. Children enjoyed making colourful kites in their scrap book. Teacher narrated the story of the importance of makar-Sankranti. Children were distributed Til-Gud.

Republic day celebration: -SR KG SECTION

      Republic day celebration: - On 25th Jan., children of Sr.Kg came dressed in Tri-coloured clothes. Teachers explained the importance of Republic day  for celebrating the same as a national festival. Children were made aware of the national symbols by showing the slides on the computer. Children made beautiful tri-colour head bands and wore them around their forehead to show the love towards their country.

Picnic to “The World of Vardhaman fantasy”: SR KG SECTION

      Picnic to “The World of Vardhaman fantasy”: Students of Sr.Kg were taken on a picnic to ‘The World of Vardhaman Fantasy’ on 8th January 2011. The overall experience was not only fun filled but also learning, as children had seen all the Seven Wonders of the World in a miniature form. They enjoyed the ride on the toy train.
      Students were served mouthwatering breakfast and juice. They returned back after having a memorable time at the park.

Christmas Party :-SR KG SECTION

 Christmas Party
      Christmas is a Day when Jesus Christ was born. Children of Sr.Kg came dressed in their Party dress and celebrated the same by making the Christmas card as an activity.

Field trip to Parle-G Biscuit factory:SR KG SECTION

             Field trip to Parle-G Biscuit factory:
On 11th of Dec Children of Sr.Kg were taken to Parle-G factory to show the different process of making biscuits and chocolates. Children were first shown an animated film, how Parle-G factory came in to an existence. Children were then taken to different processing units of making biscuits and packing them in lots. They were also made aware about the hygine maintained in the factory. Children were given biscuit packs and chocolates. Children had a great time spending in the factory. It was a knowledgeable trip to Parle-G factory.

Blue Day Celebration:Playgroup

Blue Day Celebration:

After Red & Yellow, the ‘Blue’ color was introduced to little Wittians on Thursday 26th August 2010. Blue butterflies adorned the classroom. Children came dressed in blue color clothes; teachers also followed the dress code to maintain the uniformity. Children enjoyed singing songs.

Diwali Celebration:-SR KG SECTION

 Diwali Celebration:-Diwali is a festival of lights. Children of Sr.Kg came dressed in party wear on 29th Oct.2010.Children were taken down to dance on their favorite tunes. They were also shown a story about why we celebrate Diwali. The gifts were distributed to the kids.

Navaratri and Dusshera Celebrations:-SR KG SECTION

Navaratri and Dusshera Celebrations:-On 15th October 2010, the occasion of
 Navaratri & Dusshera children from Sr.Kg came dressed in their traditional dresses. To bring about the importance of this festival we demonstrated them with the slide show on the computer and children played Dandiya. Children also colored the worksheet of Ravana.

Talent Hunt: SR KG SECTION

 Talent Hunt:
A talent programme was held for Sr.Kg children on 9th Oct.2010. Children were given a platform to overcome their stage fear and show of their hidden talents. Children’s budding talent was seen in the form of, singing, story narration, joke telling, playing musical instrument and dancing. They performed well and all teachers and parents cheered them by giving them a loud round of aplouse.

Ganesh Chaturthi:- SR KG Section

           Ganesh Chaturthi:-  This is a very big festival in whole of India especially in Maharashtra.
The 10 day festival is celebrated  by bringing idol of LORD GANESHA at homes as well as large idols are brought in the pandals. On all 10 days various offerings are made to LORD GANESHA.
Various social events are held on these 10 days. This festival was started by Great Mr. Lokmanya Tilak. The idea was to bring people from various religions together.
On this occasion all the classrooms were decorated with streamers and other decorative materials. Children colored the LORD Ganesha worksheets. Children were taken to the schools pandal for Ganesh darshan and were also shown slides on Ganesha.

Ramzan Eid-Celebration:- SR KG Section

Ramzan Eid-Celebration:- On  9th September children from Sr.Kg celebrated
this festival by preparing Eid -Mubarak card . All children wished each other by saying Eid-Mubarak. Children were also shown the slide show of Eid.

Teacher’s Day Celebration:SR KG Section

 Teacher’s Day Celebration: Children were shown a skit by Witt  trainee teachers. Children enjoyed the show.

Janmashtmi: -SR KG Section

            Janmashtmi: - This day is celebrated as the day LORD KRISHNA took birth. On this day children came to school dressed as Radha & Krishna. All the classrooms were decorated with beautiful pots. Children were taken down for the Pot breaking ceremony also known as DAHI-HANDI.
In Dahi Handi the pot filled with sweets and curd is tied on height, and the group of people form the pyramid to break the pot. In our school the school attendants also known as Bhau (means brother) participated in this function.

Rakshabandhan Celebration:SR KG SECTION

Rakshabandhan Celebration:
 Children of Sr.Kg Celebrated Rakshabandhan by drawing in the scrap book on 29th August 2010. Teacher also explained the importance of this festival.

Independence Day Celebration:SR KG SECTION

 Independence Day Celebration:
Children celebrated Independence Day on 13th August 2010. They were dressed up in Tri- colour clothes and did the activity of making a Tri-colour sandwich. Teacher explained the importance of Independence Day to the kids.

Check-up time:SR KG SECTION

 Check-up time:
 Dr. D. Sarvaiya and his team lent their precious time for Eye check-up on 4th August 2010,  children of Sr.Kg. enjoyed identifying the letters on the computer screen. They were also issued the certificates for the same.
 A Dental check-up was organized for Sr.Kg on 25th August 2010. Dr. Viral Shah examined children’s teeth and issued certificates suggesting treatment if required.
A Medical check-up for little Wittians (Sr.Kg) was held on 30th August 2010. Dr. Pinky Shah examined the kids and gave valuable suggestions.
We express our sincere thanks to all the doctors for spending their precious time with our little ones.

Water play: SR KG SECTION

           Water play:
Water play was organized for Sr.Kg kids on 23rd of July 2010.  Children were dressed with their swim costumes and were taken down in the water pool. Children enjoyed playing in the water.

Field trip to Toyota showroom:SR KG SECTION

         Field trip to Toyota showroom:
Students of Sr.Kg were taken to the ‘Toyota’ showroom on 28th and 29th July
2010. Children were shown different types of cars. They were also shown how things work at service station. The visit was exiting and informative. Children had a great time.


            FRIENDSHIP Day Celebration:
Children celebrated ‘Friendship Day’ by making friendship bands. On this occasion of these children were shown a movie i.e.  ‘Toy Story’.

Flower Day:-Playgroup

Flower Day

After introducing all the flowers, flower day was organized for playgroup section on Tuesday, 15th march 2011.
Children were very happy to see and identify  all the flowers.

White Day:-Playgroup

White Day
Playgroup section celebrated white Day on 23/2/2011. Children & teachers came dressed in white color clothes. Classes were decorated with white color cut outs. Children did the group activity with white color. They did the sponge dabbing to make ‘Miss Moon’. Thus on white day children learnt the color ‘white’ in a playful way.

Sun Shine Sandwich:-Playgroup

Sun Shine Sandwich
On 5Th February 2011 Playgroup children made Sun Shine Sandwich. Children applied butter on bread & applied Orange Jam on it. They enjoyed eating the tasty orange flavored sandwich.

Do YOU Know …



A huge underground river runs underneath the Nile, with six times more water than the river above.

The USA uses 29% of the world's petrol and 33% of the world's electricity.

Wearing headphones for just an hour will increase the bacteria in your ear By 700 times.

The animal responsible for the most human deaths world-wide is the mosquito.

Right handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people.

                                    We exercise at least 30 muscles when we smile.

Our nose is our personal air-conditioning system: it warms cold air, cools hot air and filters impurities

Sun bathing:-Playgroup

Sun bathing
Sun bathing day was celebrated by playgroup section on 4th February 2011. Children came with sun glasses, umbrella, hat & towel. Teacher took children out & they all enjoyed the sunbath spreading their towel. They slept under the umbrellas with their hats & sun glasses on. It was a very exciting day for them.

Story Enactment:-Playgroup

Story Enactment
On 3rdFebruary, 2011 Playgroup section had a story enactment. A stage was made in the lobby area & it was decorated with colorful cut outs. Children were dressed up in different characters as the story required & all the children came one by one on the  stage according to their character and children enjoyed enacting their act.

Pajama Party:-Playgroup

Pajama Party
 Playgroup section had to school pajama party. Children came dressed in pretty night suits. Teacher told them about the day & night schedule & switched off the lights & put on the dim light. Children were told to sleep as if it was night time. Children did magic painting & made white shiny star in night sky. They enjoyed singing the “Round & Round the mulberry bush……..” early in the morning. This made the children aware of what day time is & what night time is.

Healthy Salad :-Playgroup

Healthy Salad
On 3rd February 2011 Playgroup section prepared Healthy Salad as a cooking experience. Children bought chopped tomatoes, potatoes, cucumber, carrots & coriander leaves in their tiffin. Children mixed all the ingredients & teacher gave children healthy salad to eat. Children enjoyed eating the salad. 

Black Day:-Playgroup

Black Day
On 24th February 2011 Playgroup section introduced Black color class. All children & teacher came in black color clothes. Class was decorated with black cutouts. Teacher introduced night birds like Bat & Eagle. Children stuck black marble paper on Bat & identified black color. In this way children learnt the color ‘Black’.

Black color and white : Playgroup

Black color and white
After introducing black color and white color, just for a combo session, Black and white day was celebrated where children came dressed in black & white pretty clothes and were excited to hear a thrilling story including all black and white objects. Children enjoyed day very much.

Water play :-Playgroup

Water play
On 15th December, 2010 “Water play“ was organized for the playgroup section. Teacher made the students wear swimming costumes. The children enjoyed splashing about, in the splash pool.

Clown Day:-Playgroup

Clown Day
On Monday 22nd November ' 10 Playgroup session celebrated clown day.
All children were dressed as clown with colorful hats and clothes. Children played with hoopla rings and balls having a fun time.

Field trip to car showroom :-Playgroup

Field trip to car showroom
Students of playgroup went for a field trip to Autodrome Car showroom situated at Malad (link road) on 16th December, 2010. The showroom has different types of cars. Children had a great time viewing different kinds of cars.

Square shape:-Playgroup

Square shape
Children of Playgroup were introduced to Square shape in a very playful way. The class was decorated in Square shape smiles and children brought square snacks in their tiffin.

Field trip to D Mart:-Playgroup

Field trip to D Mart
A Field trip to D Mart was organized for Playgroup on Wednesday 29th September. Children were dressed in Red T. Shirt and yellow cap and were very excited to visit the place. Teacher explained them  different types of fruit and vegetable. Children had a great time viewing different kinds of fruits and vegetables.

Cooking experience:-Playgroup

Cooking experience
Playgroup session had a cooking experience in the month of September. They celebrated ‘Fruit Salad Day on Thursday, 16th September by mixing different types of fruit and had healthy fruits with great enthusiasm. On Thursday 23rd September they had peeling activity. They peeled the potato and mashed the potato to form a ball. On Monday 27TH September children had shelling activity, they shelled green peas for the art activity and on Thursday 30th September children had a healthy bhel wherein they mixed different ingredients brought in their tiffin and had a real fun time.

Water play :Playgroup

Water play
The playgroup children greatly enjoyed the water play organized for them on Tuesday 3rd August 2010. It was a pleasure to watch the tiny tots splashing and screaming. We teachers could not help recollecting our own childhood. The most difficult part was to get the children out of the pool. It was a day when homes were forgotten and little ones wanted the school to go on and on.

Fancy Dress:Playgroup

Fancy Dress:
It was the first solo performances by our Playgroup kids on the event of Fancy Dress which was organized on 21st August 2010. The theme for the event was ‘Farm animals’. Parents took a great pain to dress their child with proper and colorful costumes. Our 3rd grade kids compared the show with great enthusiasm. It was a great show and was ended by vote of thanks by our principal Dr. Raina Jain.

Yellow day :-Playgroup

Yellow day
It was for celebrating the next color day at Witty playgroup section, little bright sunflowers came running on Wednesday 7th July, 2010 morning declaring the day as ‘Yellow day’. Pineapple sandwiches, dhoklas, poha & other yellow snacks made the tiffin time enjoyable for the kids. Teacher enthralled the children with a story on yellow color. It was a learning and exploring day.

Pet day:-Playgroup

Pet day
Pets received an invitation from Witty for a Tea party on Tuesday 20th July2010. The ‘Pet Day’ was an attempt from the school to sensitize the children towards animals around them. The pets enjoyed a tea party with yummy snacks. A live turtle was a center of attraction, as it was accompanied by our own Witty teacher.

Circle Day:-Playgroup

Circle Day
“Look teacher your bindi is round“a little girl exclaimed & brought a smile on the faces of teachers. The Sun & the moon looked down upon the children in the classroom as they merrily sang songs describing the circle shape.                  
Mr. Circle introduced himself by narrating a story on Wednesday 14th July, 2010. Children happily carried home small circle shapes.

Circle Day:-Playgroup

Circle Day
“Look teacher your bindi is round“a little girl exclaimed & brought a smile on the faces of teachers. The Sun & the moon looked down upon the children in the classroom as they merrily sang songs describing the circle shape.                  
Mr. Circle introduced himself by narrating a story on Wednesday 14th July, 2010. Children happily carried home small circle shapes.

Red day :-Playgroup

Red day
Playgroup classes wore a vibrant shed of  Red on Monday 28th  June 10  as tiny tots celebrated red day. Teachers in vivacious red , put up beautiful decoration and welcomed the little ones.  Not to be left behind the kids also responded in flamboyant sheds of red .

Skating Camp:-JR KG Section

Skating Camp
 for Junior Kg. Section held in 3 batches Jr. Kg. A & B in the month of OCTOBER, Jr. Kg. C & D in the month of February, Jr. Kg. E & F in the month of March during school hours and within the school premise. Bhupesh Sir, Ashok Sir and Imran Sir trained the children and parents were welcomed at the end of each month who appreciated the skating camps.

Traffic Park :-JR KG Section

Traffic Park
On Saturday 26th March 2011, children were taken for field trip to Traffic Park as the theme of the month was “Wheels and Wings”. Teacher explained traffic rules in a very simple manner. Children enjoyed it and return back with an intellectual mind.

Traffic Park :-JR KG Section

Traffic Park
On Saturday 26th March 2011, children were taken for field trip to Traffic Park as the theme of the month was “Wheels and Wings”. Teacher explained traffic rules in a very simple manner. Children enjoyed it and return back with an intellectual mind.

Veer Savarkar Udyan (Picnic):-JR KG Section

Veer Savarkar Udyan (Picnic)
On Saturday 11th January 2010 Jr.Kg. section went for their school picnic to Veer Savarkar  Udyan at Borivli. Children were shown the animals statues which they identified and enjoyed playing on the swings and slides. Children were given snacks and frooti. This picnic was educative in a play way manner.

Spring Day:-JR KG Section

Spring Day
On Tuesday 8th febuary 2011 WIS celebrated “SpringDay”. All children came dressed in yellow and orange colour clothes and also all activities during the day were based  on  the day’s celebration, thus children were given knowledge about the spring day festival by showing fun ‘N’ frolic activities.

Dolphin fish Aquarium:-JR KG Section

Dolphin fish Aquarium
On Saturday, 29th January 20011 Children of Jr. Kg. section visited “Dolphin Aquarium” as their second field trip at Vile Parle   as the theme of the month was “Down by the sea”. Children saw  different fishes, turtle, pet birds and animals too. It was an  informative field trip and children enjoyed it too.

Fancy dress:-JR KG Section

Fancy dress
Friday 1st April 2011 Fancy dress was conducted for the Junior Kg section. Each Division was given a separate topics, so children came dresses as community Helpers, fruits, vegetables, sea creatures, animals, planets and insects respectively. They said few sentences and sang rhymes.

Holi :-JR KG Section

18th March 2011 Children celebrated Holi by spraying water on each other. Children were shown a Movie slide about “Holi” and also did a colouring worksheet.

Valentine and Red Day:-JR KG Section

Valentine and Red Day
 celebration was held on Monday 14th February for Junior Kg. Section. Children came dressed in beautiful red clothes and made a heart shape card for their parents. During tiffin tin\me children exchanged heart shape biscuits with their friends.

Annual Day:-JR KG Section

Annual Day
On Wednesday 19 January 2011 Annual Day was a great event organised by the Pre- Primary section based on the theme “Life is beautiful”. Children danced gracefully on the songs. There was also “Pani with Purnayu” and “ Comedy Circus” which were the eye catching and entertaining shows. The chief guest was “ Deepak Prajapati” who was felicitated by our very own trustee Dr.  Vinay Jain.

“Grandparents Day”:-JR KG Section

Grandparents Day
Friday 24 December 2010 WIS celebratedGrandparents Day” as a mark of respect to our very own grandparents and to show a emotional attachment between our little children and their Grandparents. Hasya Kavi Samelan was organised where well known Kavi’s were invited.

On Thursday- 2nd December Sports Day for Pre- Primary section :-JR KG Section

On Thursday- 2nd December Sports Day for Pre- Primary section
Pre- Primary section had their sports event consisting of energetic races filled with lots of fun ‘N’ frolic. Children were given certificates and medals to encourage them for their forthcoming years.Thursday 23 December 2010 Poem Recitation was organised as an In-house event for Junior Kg. Section as a part of their Christmas party. Eash child recited and sang their poem with actions. Children were given certificates and snakes to celebrate this event. They also celebrated their Christmas party by dancing to the beats of music.

Opening ceremony (Sports Day) :-JR KG Section

Opening ceremony (Sports Day)
 on 29th November, 10. It was the first time WIS organised a grand opening ceremony for their sports event “Synergy” 2010-2011. There was a overwhelming crowd of our very own parents from Pre- primary section to secondary section. Mr. Athaide was the chief guest for the evening WIS also introduced its Band group and there were many activities like march past, Drill, gymnastics etc. The most remarkable show was “Laser show” which caught everyone’s eyes till the end of the event.

Diwali Party:-JR KG Section

Diwali Party
 On Friday 29th October’10, Children of Jr. Kg section wore party dresses and had fun time dancing. Also there was “Colouring Skill activity” conducted where every child coloured beautifully putting in their creativity. Their happiness had no boundaries when they received Diwali gifts and snacks.

Colour Day:-JR KG Section

Colour Day
 “Wear your colour” was celebrated for Jr. Kg section from Tuesday – 17th August’10 upto Friday 27th August’10. Each day children came dressed in the colour to be worn; children explored the importance of colour by doing activities, which brought out their creativity and brain storm their minds.

Ganesh Celebration:-JR KG Section

Ganesh Celebration
 On Monday 13th September’10, teachers discussed about the Ganesh Celebration and children went out to the school mandal to worship “Lord Ganesha”. “Oh my friend Ganesha” movie was shown , where in children enjoyed it.

Colorama:-JR KG Section

 Hues of Life”  display put up by Jr. Kg and Sr.Kg section showing the beauty  of beginning of life, life on land, life in water and life in air. There was a games corner, where children enjoyed a “Puppet show” about colours put up by the Jr. Kg section. This display gave a message of “Prevent Pollution” & do not waste resources to one and all.

Navratri Celebration:-JR KG Section

Navratri Celebration
On Friday 15th October’10, Children of Jr. Kg section wore Chaniya Choli, Kedia, Kurta Pyjama and danced on the tune of Garba songs. Also the Dassera  story was shown through computer slides and children drew a free hand Ravana in their scrapbook.

Eid:-JR KG Section

 On Thursday 9th September’10, children of Jr. Kg section made Eid Mubarak cards by way of spray painting and teacher told the story of Eid to the children.

Teacher’s Day Celebration:- JR KG Section

Teacher’s Day Celebration
On Friday 3rd September’10, Witty trainee teachers performed the skit about “Health Fruits and Vegetables” and sung songs related to same for the children and teachers. Children also made a Teacher’s Day card for their teacher’s to show their love and gratitude.

Gokulasthami celebration: - JR KG Section

Gokulasthami celebration: -
On Thursday 2nd Septembet’10, Jr. Kg children came dressed as Radha and Krishna. Nirmala Niketan trainee teacher’s performed a short skit about the birth of Lord Krishna. Children also saw the act of “pot breaking” by our school bhau’s in the school campus, it was a fun day for the children.

Raksha Bandhan celebration: - JR KG Section

Raksha Bandhan celebration: -
On Monday 23rd August’10, children wore traditional dress and made Rakhis for their brothers and sisters. Teachers sang song related to same and children had fun.

Independence Day:-JR KG Section

Independence Day:-
On Friday – 13th August’10, Jr. Kg section children came in tri colour clothes for Independence Day celebration. Children made a Flag by way of group activity and also made tri colour sachee which they wore excitedly to home.

Friendship Day:- JR KG Section

Friendship Day:-
Children of Jr. Kg section were told a story about a 4 friends and qualities about helping and co operation were discussed, where in children named their best friend and made a friendship band for them also. “Ice Age 3” was shown on the projector.

Dental check up:-JR KG Section

Dental check up:-
On Wednesday  - 18thAugust’10 and Thursday – 19th August’10, Jr. Kg section had their Dental check up conducted by a Witty Parent Mr. Viral Parikh, parent of Master Jeet Parikh Jr. Kg E. Children were given a certificate and a Colgate gift pack to take home. Our sincere thanks to our dear Witty parent for imparting knowledge about Dental  care to our children.

Medical Check Up:- JR KG Section

Medical Check Up:-
This check up was held for 2 days i.e. Thursday 22nd July’10 and Friday 23rd July’10,  for 3 classes each day. Our Witty Parent dr. Manish Kothia, parent of Master Sarthak Kothia Jr. Kg D, gave his previous time for the children. He checked them and gave information about Self Hygiene and Cleanliness. Children were given Medical Certificates. We express our sincere thanks to Dr. Manish Kothia.

Eye Check up:-JR KG Section

Eye Check up:-
Jr. Kg had their Eye check-up camp on Wednesday – 21st July’10,  in the School campus. Our heartiest thanks to Ophthalmologist Dr. Divyagnan Sarvaiya for making this happen with the help of his expert team. At the end of check-up, each child was given a certificate with suggestions for any treatment if needed. Our sincere thanks to Dr. Sarvaiya and his team.

Field Trip:- JR.KG Section

Field Trip:-
The first field trip for the Jr. Kg. Section was arranged on Monday – 19th July’10 & Tuesday – 20th July’10, to Spencer’s – In Orbit Mall (Malad). The concept being ‘Grocery worker’, children were given practical knowledge by actually visiting the place and conversing with the staff there, thus it was a very knowledgeable trip.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Wise Women

A wise woman who was traveling in the mountains found a precious stone in a
stream. The next day she met another traveler who was hungry, and the wise
woman opened her bag to share her food. The hungry traveler saw the precious
stone and asked the woman to give it to him. She did so without hesitation.

The traveler left, rejoicing in his good fortune. He knew the stone was
worth enough to give him security for a lifetime.

But, a few days later, he came back to return the stone to the wise woman.
I've been thinking, he said. I know how valuable this stone is, but I give
it back in the hope that you can give me something even more precious. Give
me what you have within you that enabled you to give me this stone.

Sometimes it's not the wealth you have but what's inside you that others

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Leadership Skills- Learning from Napoleon

FRIEDRICH Hegel, the famous German philosopher, said, “The only thing we learn from history is that we learn nothing from history”. This is true, when you consider the fact that the greatest lessons are taught by history. In spite of great strides registered in science and technology, the human nature, skills and qualities required for fruition of endeavours remain the same and this is a domain in which lessons from history are particularly timeless. Hence, a study of great men who made a mark in history helps us fathom some of the timeless ingredients of leadership. In this article, from an in depth study of Napoleon and his life, we identify and present some of his qualities which paved the way for his great achievements.

Continuous self-education
Reading and learning from books was the only way one could continuously learn in those days. Ever since his boyhood days, reading was Napoleon’s first love. His quest for knowledge continued with the same vigour even at the height of his busy tenure as Emperor and remained aglow till his last days as a prisoner of war in St. Helena. Education, Napoleon believed, should be useful to one’s position. As emperor, he knew that he could not afford to lack the knowledge he needed.
Napoleon maintained a well-stocked home library. In 1808, in the midst of hectic military campaigns, he sent a memorandum to his personal librarian to arrange for a portable library of 1000 volumes, printed in small types with no margin, so as not to waste space and loosely bound so that the books would lay flat while he read them on campaigns.
Continuous education was personally important to Napoleon. He never stopped educating himself at any stage of life. He was strongly influenced by works of Rousseau’s Confessions, and La Novella Heloise. Many of his pioneering reforms in education were based on ideas gleaned from Rousseau’s works.
During his last days of captivity in St. Helena, the golden day for him was when the ship arrived with wooden cases of books. In St. Helena, he is said to have collected 3,000 volumes and they were arranged on the bare damp shelves. How many of our leaders today continuously read and educate themselves?

Selective reading
Since Napoleon’s reading was very extensive, he had to be compellingly selective. So he regularly skipped many of the pages (including Rousseau’s) as ‘useless treatises’. He also used to read so fast that a book hardly lasted him an hour and the assistant was kept busy carrying away armful of finished books brought from the shelves.
In today’s world characterized by information explosion and overload, it is particularly important to be very selective in what we chose to read. It is also critical to cultivate the art of reading and skip unwanted reading, like Napoleon.
The great ‘Life time Manager’
In modern managerial education, time management is considered a critical topic. Time management, as we understand, however, focuses only on the optimal management of a calendar day.
But Napoleon offers himself as a great role model by the way he conducted his ‘whole life time management’ in a masterly manner. His gross life lasted 51 years, seven months and 20 days. He was taken as a prisoner of war after his decisive defeat at Waterloo and was deported to the island of St. Helena, notorious for its insalubrious climate and remained as captive for six years till his death. His net active life, therefore, was only 45 years. Within this short span of his life, he lived an extremely productive life, leaving indelible footprints on the sands of time.
Napoleonic era lasted only for 16 years from 1799 to 1815. In these limited number of years his achievements are extraordinary. Compare this with our individual life and career. With greater time at our disposal, we are unable to leave a mark. Napoleon used to admonish, “space we can recover, time never”.
Living the ‘Present Moment’
For Napoleon, the most important moment was ‘now’. When an issue was taken up for consideration, he would plug all the corners and crevices in his mind, clear all other extreme thoughts and concentrate on the issue at hand. “It is in your moment of decision that your destiny is shaped”.
In public, Napoleon loved dazzle, splendour and pageantry. However, he was a stickler to thrift in his own private life. To his courtiers, his advice was: “Be economical and even parsimonious at home, be magnificent in public”.
Before he established a splendid royal palace as Emperor at Fontainebleau, his accommodation consisted of a bedroom, bath room, study, dining room, conference room, audience chamber and a large ante chamber. His eating consisted of two simple meals a day. His wardrobe was limited. He would drink half-a-cup of strong coffee twice or thrice in a day. He was having only two (Napoleon trade mark) velvet caps at a time and everywhere he will put it on in a diagonally tilted posture.
Savings from his personal income was a priority. In his last will and testament the entire cash apportioned represented his savings from his civil list payments for the last 14 years. Other items, including items like furniture and pieces of art, were all purchased from his own savings.
Leaving a mark
Napoleon had the innate ability to create a favourable impression in the minds of people with disparate backgrounds. Augustin, brother of Maximilien Robespierre, fiery leader of the French Revolution wrote to his brother during early spring of 1794, “I add to the names of patriots, citizen Bonaparte, an exceedingly meritorious General in Command of the Artillery”. Sir Neil Campbell, the English commissioner at Elba, wrote in his recollections, “I have never seen a man in any situation in life with so much personal activity and restless perseverance”. Even his rival British commander Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington used to say of him, “His presence on the field made a difference of 40,000 men”.
Napoleon Bonaparte is not great by virtue of his words, his speeches, his writings or by virtue of a love of liberty; he is great in that he created a solid powerful government, a code of laws adopted by various countries, courts of law, schools and a strong active and intelligent administration, which forms the basis for our living till today (Napoleonic Code is adopted in all European countries even today).
While Napoleon is known for his military victories, his enduring popularity, however, is only due to his everlasting contributions as an organiser, administrator and manager of the French state. Many a lesson is in store to be learnt from a study of his life for today’s generation.



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