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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Introduction of Rose (Nursery) on 30.01.2015, WIS, Bhilwara

Rose is called the queen of all flowers ,”Rose” it’s name comes from the latin word “Rosa”. The flower Rose grow in many different colors, from the well-known red rose to yellow and sometimes white . Rose has a wonderful fragrance .It has soft petals .The little ones of Nursery were introduced to rose flowers .They got to know about the plant it’s color and fragrance. They made rose milk shake with rooh-afzha and milk during lunch time. They also stuck crumpled red crepe paper with in the rose outline. Through this they could recognize rose flower. 


Introduction of Sun (Playgroup) on 30.01.2015, WIS, Bhilwara

The tiny tots of Play group did the activity of sun bathing with great zeal. The toddlers brought hats, sunglasses and umbrellas from theirhome. The little wittians learnt that sun gives us sunlight which helps in vitamin D.The kids could recognize the shape and color of sun. Through this activity kids learnt that,  they have to wear hat, sunglasses and use umbrella when they go in sunlight to protect  their eyes and body. he little ones also made sun face mask.

Friday, January 30, 2015

Story Enactment at WIS, Udaipur

Stories fascinate children the most. Narration and enactment of stories have a positive influence on children. It helps in mental development and imbibing this art is great for learning. Children of Playgroup were dressed in the characters of the story The Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and Three Bears. They enjoyed narrating the story and depicting the same.

A Visitt to Police Station Secondary Section (2014-15) , WIS Malad.

               A visit to police station

Grade VII students of Witty International School visited the Malad Police station on 3rd January, 2015. A discussion was conducted on procedures for lodging a complaint and FIR.  Students were briefed about some criminal cases. They were made aware about the recent abuses like drug abuse and woman safety issues. It was overall a knowledgeable session about public safety and security. 

Martyrs' Day observed at WIS, Bhilwara ( 30.01.15)

'It is the cause, and not the death, that makes the martyr."- Napolean
Martyrs' Day is an annual day observed by nations to salute the martyrdom of soldiers who lost their lives defending the sovereignty of the nation. January 30 is marked as the Martyrs' Day. It is an annual observance in India to honor all the freedom fighters who gave up their lives in service of the Nation. January 30 is also the date when Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi was shot by an assassin.
Students of WIS, Bhilwara observed this day with great enthusiasm.  Through their poems and speeches students dedicated this day to all the brave people who sacrificed themselves on the altar of freedom.  Everyone’s heart filled with devotion for the heroes of the freedom struggle, when students of Grade VA presented a wonderful devotional song.



Witty international school has always believed that the mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be ignited. Students got the chance to display their creative writing skills by participating in various events such as Story Writing, Proverb Expansion and Picture Composition. The participants presented a variety of items like Anchoring, Choral Recitation, Mad Ads, etc. The skit enactment based on moral attracted everyone’s attention. All this was followed by Personality Bites where the students walked the ramp and thereafter they were posed impromptu questions related to Personality which added colour and liveliness to the event.

Recap of colours (Playgroup) on 29.01.2015, WIS, Bhilwara

The little wittians of Playgroup  made the healthy bhel, with a lot of excitement. The tiny tots  did the recap of colours such as red , yellow, brown and green with the help of tomato, capsicum , cucumber, lemon coriander leaves and boiled potato. The toddlers brought the different colour objects from their home.Through these activities sparkling stars could recognize colours. This was a fun learning experience for the kids. 


Thursday, January 29, 2015

13th Annual Sports Day Pre- primary Section (2014-15) WIS, Malad

Synergy – 13th Annual Sports Meet

Sports, is a great metaphor for life…..it teaches us that  losing does not necessarily make you a looser, but the participation and giving your very best, is more important than the results. The Annual Sports Meet- SYNERGY, of the pre-primary section of WIS further re-iterated that all children are winners, as each and every child participated in every single race and were being felicitated by giving medals and certificates.
To encourage and motivate the kids we had Ms. Moonmoon Mukherjee as our chief guest. She has spent 23 years in the table tennis field & won various national competitions. Had represented India in the Junior Asian Championship in 1989 as well as in the commonwealth games in 1994, was ranked 2nd from India in 1991. Also a certified International umpire and successfully officiated youth commonwealth games in pune in 2008. Presently she is the coach for the Western Railways Table Tennis Team as well as the Indian Railways Women's Team.
Her inspirational talk stimulated the entire kid’s realm along with the parents. As the sports meet moved further, little sporty athletes of the pre-primary section WIS and WITTY WORLD Bangur Nagar had put up a great show with their colorful PT drills, aerobic displays and pyramid formations. The unique races were all centered on the theme….”Think Big, Nothing is Impossible.
Children participated in age appropriate races like saving the earth, following traffic rules, assembling rockets, building robots and overcoming different hurdles to emerge victorious.
Little Wittians were all out to prove that anything is possible if only we believe and dare to dream.

Rhyme Enactment: Rub-a-dub-dub at WIS, Udaipur

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub, and who do you think they be? The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker. Turn them out, knaves all three.
Children of Nursery came dressed as a butcher, baker and candlestick maker. They enjoyed the character they were in and enacted the same as the rhyme, using different types of props. 

Story Enactment (Goldilockes and the three bears, PG) on 28.01.2015, WKSN, Bhilwara

The twinkling stars of Playgroup at Witty Kids did the Story Enactment of Goldilocks and the three bears with lots of fun. Children came dressed as different characters in the story, they enthusiastically participated in story enactment.


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