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Friday, September 30, 2016

Field Trip: Furniture Showroom

Little Wittians of Sr.KG were taken to a furniture showroom. Children were told about the various kinds of furniture which a carpenter, as a community helper makes for us. Kids happily explored the furniture showroom and were easily able to relate themselves with the furniture they use in their daily life.
Children enjoyed watching the audio visual of how manual and machine work together which help us in designing the furniture.

A Tribute to the Legendary Heroes of India: Mahatma Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shashtri

To commemorate the birth anniversary of father of our Nation-Mahatma Gandhi and Prime Minister of the Republic of India –Lal Bahadur Shastri, Wittians organised and participated in a special assembly with great zeal, enthusiasm and patriotic fervour.

The assembly of the Primary-Wing began with as special tribute to Gandhiji and Shastriji students shared their teachings, anecdotes from their life and spoke about various contribution made by them towards India’s freedom struggle. The highlight of the assembly was one of favourite Bhajans of Bapuji- Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram, which was sung melodiously by the students.

The assembly continued with a skit through which the students were given a deep insight into the life and times of Mahatma Gandhi, and were encouraged to incorporate his teaching in their life, such as- to use swadeshi items only, not to cheat or deceive anyone and to use the resources economically. 

Introduction to Letter "Ll" by Nursery Section at WIS, Malad (2016-2017)

Little Wittians were introduced to letter “Ll”. To add more fun "Lemonade Making Activity" was accompanied in the Nursery Section of Witty International School on Friday, 30th September 2016
Children thoroughly enjoyed the hands on cooking experience which enhanced the sensory skill.
Along with these activities we emphasized on letter “L is for lemon” and “L is for Lemonade”.
It was a fun day for the tiny tots.

Orange Colour Day celebrated by Nursery children (28.09.16)

The toddlers of Nursery celebrated Orange Colour Day on 28, September 2016, Wednesday with a lot of exciting activities. The entire classroom was decorated with Orange coloured objects. The tiny tots came to school in Orange coloured clothes and brought their favourite Orange coloured objects such as ball, car, etc. The little ones did the sponge dabbing, sticking and finger dabbing on candy, umbrella, carrot and orange. The little ones could recognize the colour Orange in an interesting way.

Sr.Kg. children came dressed up as community helpers(28.09.16)

On 28th September,2016 children of Sr.Kg. came dressed as various community helpers. They were excited and happy. They came one by one on stage and recited some poems also like “Pat a cake Pat a cake ,I am a Police officer.” They all were confident and full of joy.  They could easily relate the community helpers with people whom they see all around. Through this activity they learnt how important the community helpers are in our day-to-day life.  

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Field Trip : Health Wonder Land!!

All work and no play makes poldy a dull boy. And fortunately the poldy at Witty is not a dull boy.
Taking out the Nursery toddlers from their mundane routine, a field trip was organised to Health Wonder Land so that the kids could explore more and more about the sense organs, not only this but the students also had a fun to see all the body parts from inside.
They enjoyed a joy ride in the train at the venue. They also interacted with the doctors and nurses, who made them aware of the body and its parts.
Students enjoyed the trip.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Guest Visit : Community Helpers at WIS, Udaipur

The army man are brave
The army man are brave.
Hi! Ho! What do you know?
The army man are brave

The baker bakes our bread
The baker bakes our bread.
Hi! Ho! What do you know?
The baker bakes our bread

Children of Sr.KG enjoyed guest visit of a Doctor, a Baker, a Policeman and an Army Man in the school.
Baker introduced himself and told kids about how to bake a cake and icing too.
Doctor told kids about how he help us in different ways.
Army man interacted with kids about how they help us and showed a small video related to Indian Army.
Policeman taught them how to protect themselves and also about traffic lights and signs.
It was very interactive session with various community helpers, kids interacted and asked questions to them. It was nice experience for children.


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