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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Guest Visit : Community Helpers at WIS, Udaipur

The army man are brave
The army man are brave.
Hi! Ho! What do you know?
The army man are brave

The baker bakes our bread
The baker bakes our bread.
Hi! Ho! What do you know?
The baker bakes our bread

Children of Sr.KG enjoyed guest visit of a Doctor, a Baker, a Policeman and an Army Man in the school.
Baker introduced himself and told kids about how to bake a cake and icing too.
Doctor told kids about how he help us in different ways.
Army man interacted with kids about how they help us and showed a small video related to Indian Army.
Policeman taught them how to protect themselves and also about traffic lights and signs.
It was very interactive session with various community helpers, kids interacted and asked questions to them. It was nice experience for children.



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