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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Field trip to Ice-cream Parlour WIS, R.C. Vyas and Witty Kids, Shastri Nagar, Bhilwara.

A field trip to Fun Republic Ice cream parlour was organised by WIS, R.C. Vyas and Witty Kids, Shastrinagar Bhilwara from Friday 25th April to Wednesday 30th April for the Pre-primary kids (Playgroup to Sr.KG). Children were introduced to summer season with a number of fun filled activities for the past few days. Children enthusiastically participated in these activities. They enjoyed preparing and drinking lemonade, Roohafza and relished cold Ice-creams.

Rainbow Necklace Dance Party at WIS, Bhilwara (Sr. KG) 29.04.2014

Play with Rainbow, wear the Rainbow Ride the Rainbow high and low Spread the color of Rainbow wherever you go create a magnificent show.

Children of Sr.KG were introduced to the colours of rainbow with a necklace making activity on Tuesday, 29 April. They enjoyed making a rainbow necklace with coloured macroni. They worn the rainbow necklace and tapped their feet on popular dance numbers. The kids had a wonderful time.

"Mary had a little Lamb” Rhyme Enactment Activity at WIS, Udaipur

On Wednesday, 30th April 2014 little tots of Nursery came dressed as Mary, Lamb and Child for the Rhyme Enactment. They enjoyed the character they were in and they also recited the Rhyme with their peers. Overall, it was a great learning experience for them through a dramatization.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Rain Dance Activity at WIS, Udaipur

Water Water…everywhere….all the drops to Play !!!

Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the Rain.
Witty International School, Udaipur organized a Water Play for the young Wittians of Grade 2 and 3.
Water play offers endless enjoyment to both adults and children of all ages. Children laughed their hearts out and danced in the rain.
The objective of the water play was to develop their physical skills and advance their social and emotional skills.
They were thrilled to go and get themselves drenched under the sprinklers in their colourful costumes. They enjoyed splashing water on each other and dancing on foot tapping numbers.
It was a day filled with Fun and Frolic…. A Splishy Splashy day!!!!!!!

Slogan Writing Activity at WIS,Bhilwara

“Love to learn, Learn to love”.  It is very meaningful for us to have the love and passion in learning and at the same time learn to love the people and animals around us. Love is not an easy lesson to learn but it can give us power to overcome difficulties in learning and in life. Keeping this motto in mind slogan writing activity was conducted for grade VI. Students created their slogans to dissuade people to use animal-skin’s products. Students showed a strong curiosity, passion and desire to learn. This was the motto of this activity.

Monday, April 28, 2014

“Dance is the hidden language of the Soul!”(WIS, Udaipur)

WIS celebrated World Dance Day with an intention to celebrate Dance, to revel in the universality of this art form, to cross all cultural and ethnic barriers and to bring people together with a common language- Dance. Students of Grade 2 danced joyfully on a fusion of popular dance numbers.


Red Day Celebration at WIS, Udaipur

Red is the word, Red is the word. Apples and Strawberries both are Red, Tomatoes and Cherries both are Red. Red is the word, Red is the word.
Children of P.G were introduced to Red colour and were shown different Red coloured objects. They came dressed in Red coloured clothes and brought same coloured eatables like red jam, watermelon etc. in their lunch box. Children enjoyed drinking Roohafza with their peers.

With My Mom Splishy Splashy Day! - At Bangur Nagar Witty Kids Preschool and Activity Club

Summertime is here and so it’s time to get outdoors and have some fun! On April 26, 2014, ‘With My Mom’ enthusiasts got totally wet and how! We explored, experimented, worked on our fine motor skills, splashed around and generally had a wet and wonderful time.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Introduction of Summer Season at WIS, Udaipur

The Sun is shining, the Sun is shining, shining all around. Can you see the shadow, it makes upon the ground.
As we all know that Summer Season has started, so to introduce this season, children of Nursery were told about the Summers. They were shown the things that we use in this season like sun glasses, hat, swim wear, slippers etc.
Children were also encouraged to have a cool drink instead of soft drink when they are thirsty, they made Orange and Lemon squash and enjoyed drinking the same during their tiffin time.

Cricket fever at WIS, Udaipur

A Cricket match was organized at Witty International School on Saturday, April 26, 2014 between the Junior and Senior team. The match was so interesting that it was uncertain who was going to win till the second last ball of the match. Students did the live commentary to add more excitement to the match. The Principal motivated both the teams and encouraged the students to play the sport in a sporting spirit and treat each other with respect, whether they win or lose.


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