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Saturday, July 26, 2014

WIS SCINEMA delivers a wakeup call on Environmental Protection [2014-2015]

As we dawned into the third successful week of WIS SCINEMA we continued to explore the most astounding scientific facts and also pondered on our role in protecting our planet. At Witty International School we believe that Films can present scientific fact in a compelling visual narrative and they have the potential to open the minds of the students to the world around them. We aim to show the world’s best internationally acclaimed documentaries and movies on the unexplored parts of our planet.

Last week we introduced the concept “Bring a friend” which turned out to be a successful programme where we were happy to be a part of bringing about scientific awareness in our society. So this week we once again invited guest students from other schools all over Mumbai.

Last two weeks we had shown the students internationally acclaimed documentaries so today in our festival we introduced a science fiction animated movie “ WALL-E” with a beautiful central idea.
The movie took place a few hundred years in the future, and the students first met a loveable protagonist WALL*E (an acronym for Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class) as he wandered the post-apocalyptic landscape of an abandoned city, picking up the trash left behind by humans.

This movie made the students reflect on the damages we are causing to our beautiful planet Earth. There were scenes where we see that humans have become so commercialized and such slaves of technology that even to get up from their place they need a robot to help them. As humans we always feel we are on top of the food chain and ignore environmental protection. So this movie warned us of the dangers we face if we continue with our present habits and it promoted commendable values like friendship, loyalty and moral responsibility.



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