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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Eye Check-up Activity Jr. KG. & Sr. KG. Section ( 2014- 15 ) WIS, Malad

Through our twinkling eyes, we see our magical world.
So that we come to know, where to skip and where to twirl.
So let me check the depth of my tearing pools,
Do they have the sight of an eagle or have to follow the doctor's rules?

 Eye specialist, Dr. Sarwaiya visited the Junior. KG and  Senior. KG  class on Wednesday, 30 July 2014 for a detailed “Eye check up” for the children.
He educated children on good practices such as not to watch television from closer distances, not to play with sharp pointed objects such as pencils, scissors and knife. He also provided valuable eye care tips such as, if some small particles like dust enters in to one’s eyes, they should wash their eyes with water instead of rubbing them.
Thus the eye check up session was very helpful and knowledgeable for children in knowing how to keep their eyes safe and healthy.



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