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Monday, July 28, 2014

EID Celebrated At WIS,Bhilwara(28.07.14)

Eid Mubarke, Eid Mubarke
Our Eid has come
To bring us peace
To bring us love
To cherish our life
It is the time
We muslims came together
Shoulder to shoulder
It is the time
We muslims share 
Share our love
Share believe
Eid Mubarke, Eid Mubarke
Eid means festivity.A muslim festival celebrated to end the long month fasting Ramdan, by sighting of the moon. Eid is one of the major festivals and is celebrated in all parts of India as people exchange greetings and sweets. Students of WIS, Bhilwara also celebrated this festival of brotherhood with gaiety and joy. They recited a lovely poem on Eid highlighting the importance of the festival. Speeches were also presented by the students in which they informed how and why Eid is celebrated.
At the end Principal gave a lovely message to students to live in harmony. She said that Live life in harmony. Balance the elements of life around you to live in peace. Let your worries go. Do not stress over things you cannot control. Live,be happy and make others happy with your good deeds



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