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Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Garden of Five Senses at Witty, Udaipur

A Sense Booth Exhibition was organized in WIS on September 22nd, 2012. It was an experiential learning experience for children of Pre School which was managed by the children of Grade VIII. The exhibition aimed at introducing the concept of 5 Senses of human body to the children by adopting the informal techniques of teaching.
The hearing booth started with a mute movie depicting how dull the world would have been without the sound of instruments, animals etc. The taste booth commenced with the sweet counter followed by sour, salty, spicy & bitter. Children and parents enjoyed tasting different flavors. The sight booth was divided into different areas i.e. Day & Night etc. The attraction of the booth was the puppet show. The touch booth started with a path made of different textures like hard, rough, smooth etc. A hand on experience on the texture path was enjoyed by everyone. The smell booth was filled with different aromas. The smells of different objects were experienced by everybody. Different types of smells such as pleasant, strong, mild were displayed. The games at smell & taste booth was liked by the parents.
The puppet theater was a walk away success which drew large crowds and held them fascinated by the presentation given by students.
The exhibition was a grand success and was appreciated by the parents as it was new approach of teaching the children in an informal way.



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