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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Seminar on Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)

A seminar was conducted by Witty International School on Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) at the Kasturba Hall, Malad on 16th October, 2010.

Ms Leila Benelli, Global ADHD Coach and Inspirational Trainer from Cape Town, South Africa and author of the renowned book ‘My child is driving me crazy’ was the Guest Speaker.

The Chief Guest and Mr. Rajesh Atheide were accompanied by Our Managing Trustee Mrs. and Mr. Vinay Jain, Our Principal Mr. Bijo Kurian, Our Coordinator Mrs. Priyanka Mehrotra and Our Educational Consultant Mrs. Sheetal Kapoor. Our honorary heads have indeed rendered unconditional and wholehearted support for the smooth functioning of this seminar.

Ms. Benelli briefly introduced herself and proceeded to address the gathering on the topic ‘ADHD’.  She stated that one of her own sons was suffering from ADHD and stressed the fact that she too had to cope with the same during her school days. Heredity could be a dormant factor in the transmission of this disorder which is controllable yet incurable. She encouraged teachers and parents to be more tactful in their dealings with the affected children as their apathy could have a detrimental impact on the child. The inculcation of an optimistic attitude in the child and a withdrawal of the child’s innate potential would go a long way in enabling the child overcome and cope with this disorder.

She mentioned that the severity of the disorder reduces tremendously with age. A blessing in disguise could be the fact that these children are very intelligent and focused and can lead extremely successful lives if timely remedial measures are adopted.
Dr. Vinay Jain also spoke on the topic ADHD and added a lot of insight to it with his expertise in the medical sphere and someone who has been with children for duration of fourteen years.  According to him, a balanced diet proves vital in the remedial process. These children should be given an opportunity to burn off this extra energy whereby they are entrusted with responsibilities and encouraged to participate in athletics and sporting activities.

To conclude, patience and tolerance are the predominant virtues needed by parents and educators as an ADHD child is certainly not a burden as perceived by some but an asset to the society.



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