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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Teachers' Speak - Earth in Distress

It was night time Witty school was enveloped in darkness. But there was a lot of activity in the chemistry laboratory.
The globe from the library was standing in the middle of the chemistry lab and fuming in anger. She was crying too.
The kipps apparatus with its big belly was standing close to her with a very embarrassed expression on his face.
Spring balance, beam balance measuring cylinder, were trying to find out what was the reason of such confusion.
The globe complained she was suffering because of the poisonous gases around her. She felt all the chemicals in the lab were responsible for her sufferings She accused the magnets that they were distracting the iron filings. The old and experienced microscope tried to pacify them. The globe got angry again and told her to mind her own business with cells, amoeba, cockroaches etc.
The glass slabs, slides, cover-slips started screaming. They objected to this comment . The model of teeth started laughing he-he-he. The globe got angrier and ran to the shelf where the chemicals like calcium carbonate etc sat quietly. She screamed at them;' you too are no less 'you release so much carbon-di-oxide that I suffer. Get lost!!
The potted plants cried ‘No, no, we need carbon-di-oxide.'
All the specimens like earthworm, frog, nodded their heads in disbelief. How can you like CARBON-DIOXIDE we need oxygen. Potassium chlorate looked pleased and looked slyly at ferrous sulphide.  Poor ferrous sulphide! He had no place to hide. He always gives out bad gases.
The gas jars all looked glum. They felt insulted, because they collect gas.
The thermometers sprinted at 27km/hr and shouted 'why is the temperature of this room so high?
‘Lie’, big condenser said, ‘Never mind I'll cool the vapours’
Globe was still crying she was not happy with the solution proposed by them.
She said, ‘Tomorrow I'll call the Witty kids they will surely save me’. The big fat book held her hands and took her back to the library.  All was well at last in the school library and the laboratory.
Folks it’s high time we have to set things right for our earth and distress.

Contributed by: Mrs. Swapna Ghosh (Secondary Section)



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