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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Teachers' Speak - From A Teacher's Domain

My heart is filled with memories
I' ve gathered through the years,
And my experiences as a teacher,
Are now treasured souvenirs.

Each day holds so much promise
As I continue to fashion and mould.
Young lives entrusted to my care
And watch their talents unfold.

I've learnt to believe in the incredible power
That lies in pursuing one's dream,
To reach for the stars, no matter how far
Or impossible the feat may seem.

I've realised the beauty of teaching
Lies not in the knowledge a teacher imparts,
But rather in touching many a life
And building bridges between hearts.

I may be just a ripple
Along life's silent stream,
But I know I'm entrusted with a mission
To help each student accomplish her dream.

I'm proud to be the educationist I am
And due credit I'd like to give,
To all the great teachers who not only inspired
But taught me how to live.

My prayer for each teacher today
Is that God continue to reward and bless,
Their efforts as they journey
Towards the harbor of success!

Contributed by: Ms. Fiona Lewis (Secondary Section)



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