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Friday, June 3, 2011

Quiz: Is Teaching the Right Career for You?

Quiz: Is Teaching the Right Career for You?

Is teaching the right career for you?

A flood of wannabe teachers are rushing to the Ed-arena now that the business world is in the gutter. Do you/they have what it takes? Take the TeachHUB quiz and find out.

If you answer yes to these questions, teaching may be the career for you:
1.     Do you love children (and/or brooding teenagers)?
2.     Do you have infinite patience?
3.     Are you passionate about learning?
4.     Is work more about personal satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment than a paycheck?
5.     Can you handle dealing with bodily functions on a daily basis?
6.     Do you have school spirit?
7.     Do you like the hearing your last name being yelled at you all day?
8.     Can you write legibly on a chalkboard/whiteboard?
9.     Do you have excellent time management skills and the ability to be flexible?
10.   Will it annoy you if everyone assumes that you leave work at 3:00 and bask in the sun all summer? (First realization of teaching: this is not true!)

Do you make the cut?



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