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Thursday, August 25, 2011


Friendship Day Celebration:

Date:        5th August 2011

Topic:       Happy Friendship Day

Medium:   Shadow puppet story
                  Jumbo’s Birthday Party.

Materials: White transparent bed sheet,
                  Torches (4),
Puppets-animals (soft toys - Elephant, rabbit, cat and monkey).

Objective: Importance of friendship.
                  Celebration of Friendship Day
                  Moral values-caring, loving and togetherness.
Subject: The main objective was to make children aware about friendship day and instil in them the values of friendship through a medium of fun and entertainment.
                  A different medium i.e. shadow puppet show was chosen by the teachers to make the concept more interesting for the children. Soft toys (puppets) were used as aids and a short story of 15 mins. was enacted.
                    The story was enacted in one of the Sr.Kg classrooms and 2 classes at a time to avoid the chaos and each child could comfortably watch the show.

Conclusion: Children enjoyed the musical show.




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