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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Janmashtami Celebration, WIS Bhilwara

Janmashtami Celebration
A bright light emerged out of the darkness of the might of ashtami of shukla paksh in the month of Badon as Lord Krishna.
Baby Krishna known as “Bal Krishna” was born by Devki but was nurtured and groomed by Ma Yashoda.
His adventurous child hood drew mixed emotions from his mother Yashoda and the gopies of Vrindavan.
He relieved the people of Mathura from the clutches of evil “Kans” by killing him.
Leading Arjun into the battle field as his charioteer ha gave the message that everyone is governed by his Karma.
Today as we celebrate Janmashtami we should remember the theory of “Karma” that is given in “Geeta” because that is the only way to overcome our weakness and lead a fruitful life.




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