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Friday, August 17, 2012

Janmashtami Celebrations Jr. Kg. (2012-2013)

Janmashtami marks the birth of Lord Krishna. All rituals and puja happen after midnight becauseit is said that Lord Krishna was born on a stormy rainy night at 12. Through thenight, devotees sing songs of Lord Krishna. On the next day of Janmashtami,there is the Dahi Handi.On this day, ahandi or a clay pot filled with buttermilk is tied high up. A human pyramid ismade and the topmost person on the pyramid tries to break the handi by hittingit with the help of the coconut put on the top of the pot. The Dahi Handi festival symbolizes the mischievouspranks of Lord Krishna and his love for buttermilk. Dahi Handi is celebrated in Maharashtra only. Other states celebrate in other varied fun ways.Janmashtamifestival was celebrated on Tuesday, 09thAugust 2012.  Boys of the Junior Kg. class came dressedlike Lord Krishna and girls came dressed like Radha and Gopi's. Aspart of the Janmashtami celebrations, children were shown a short movie on LordKrishna. A dahi-handi event was arranged in the school premises and the school staffperformed the activity of breaking the dahi-handi. Children witnessed the eventwith a great excitement.



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