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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Nurturing Leadership Skills, WIS Yeola

To inculcate values of democracy among the students, Witty International School, Yeola - Nasik, recently held its first school election on 24 July 2012. The first investiture ceremony was held with an aim to instill the importance of democracy.
The event began with the ‘Mass Assembly’ conducted by the students of grade VII A. This was followed by giving away certificates along with medals to the pupils for their excellence in exams. The programme further continued with the presentation of the ‘Bookmarks’ to the students for encouraging them in varied school activities like; Creative Genius, Team Work, Good Behaviour, Academic excellence, Punctuality and Timely Homework Completion Award. This was lastly followed by the most important event of the day i.e ‘Investiture Ceremony’. Principal Dr. Mahesh Iyer. Addressed the students about the responsibilities and duties that needs to be dispenced. The students took an oath before all the teachers and peers to abide by the duties to the best of their abilities. On the occasion badges were put and flags were handed over to the council members. The elected council leaders were:
Head Boy – Kshitij Gandhi
Head Girl – Gauri Agrawal.
Ruby House Prefect – Swati Tejwani, Hardik Sanghavi
Emerald House Prefect – Amay Dagade, Divya Wani
Sapphire House Prefect – Diksha Bedmutha, Rushil Patel, Abhi Patel
Topaz House Prefect – Aishwarya Lalwani, Ketan Lahamage
It was a moment of joy and pride for the school. It was a novel experience to witness a student parliament coming into action.         


Unknown on November 22, 2012 at 1:16 PM said...

time and tide wait for none....my time was over there....but truelly still i live in those memories of my witty life


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