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Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Our traditional education system hammers out the individual voices of children and kills their natural creativity turning them into servile, course material slaves. Our children are not encouraged to raise questions in class, particularly when they disagree with the teacher. Children are not allowed to debate the topic taught. Subjects do not teach reasoning, imagination, creativity and innovation. Children are merely asked to learn concepts and subjects by rote. Because of this, most of the children never develop their own view point or the faculty to think. These children when mature into adults lack power to raise their voices against something that is wrong or they disagree with. They get conditioned to accept whatever is offered to them. This is the major reason why majority of us do not raise voices against abuses, corrupt systems and politicians.


Our children should be motivated by all means to think creatively, debate, have opinions and should be allowed to speak up. They have to be taught that what is wrong is wrong, no matter who is behind the same. Schools, teachers and parents must train children from an early age the ways and means to protest, argue and fight against all that is wrong or improper. Children need to be made aware of their rights, duties and responsibilities right from an early age. Dream of a better India cannot be accomplished unless parents, teachers and society leaders resolve to develop thinking and problem solving abilities in children. The society needs to be supportive to people who take up social issues. Families need to be supportive to girls who get abused and exploited.


Our Prime Minister, Mr. Manmohan Singh is being criticized severely for his inability to curb corruption and today he finds his government in the midst of CWG scam, 2G Scam, Coal scam, Aadarsh Housing Scam and many others. His government has acted stern against all anti corruption movements and has been successful in avoiding the demand for a Lokpal Bill. His government has also failed miserably in prosecuting the corrupt. Our PM, regardless of the scams that happened right under his nose still remains in power using all possible excuses like “I did not know anything about it”, “I have not benefitted from the same”, “It was Mr. Ahmed Patel who gave directions for allotment of Coal blocks” etc… The question here arises why is the most powerful person of India.. our PM so helpless. He is known to be a reformist, a true honest gentleman. Then why is he so helpless?…. The reason is that he is not allowed to speak up. Over the years, he has conditioned himself to obey… obey his masters. He has become more of a circus lion who despite having all the powers is conditioned and trained only to obey the ring master. Because of the diarchal power system existing with his government, he is unable to take action against the culprits. He is unable to set an example before the world that what is wrong is wrong, no matter who is behind the same.

Fight for what you want,

Or accept what you have lost.



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