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Friday, October 26, 2012

Field Trip to Kora Gram Udyog Kendra - Grade II (2012-2013)

Field Trip to Kora Gram Udyog Kendra

A field trip to Kora Gram Udyog Kendra, Borivali was organised on 18thOctober, 2012 for Grade - II students. The place is one of the oldest flag making units in India. It is known for making the tricolour every year on Independence Day and Republic Day.The students were shown the agarbatti and honey packaging units.The Kendra also has an exhibition centre on Gandhiji’s life called the Gandhi Darshan, which has over 200 photographs. Founded in 1942, Kora Gram Udyog Kendra continues to keep the ideology of Mahatma Gandhi alive.The students were highly enriched after viewing the pictorial journey of Gandhiji.They then visited the plant nursery which provided know-how about the different types of herbs and shrubs. Students were explained the importance of the same.The trip was an attempt to enhance students’ patriotic feeling and understanding of scientific temper. It provided the students with a wonderful learning opportunity and was immensely enjoyed by them.




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