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Monday, October 1, 2012

Sense Booth Exhibition, WIS Bhilwara

The definition of a class room has changed with the changing time. The teaching learning process has become a two way process in contrast with the one way process of a conventional class room. In olden days the roles of a teacher and a student were that of a speaker and a listener respectively. In the present day world both are learners and both are teachers too. A school has become a platform to provide learning experiences.
To provide an experiential learning for pre-primary classes, the school organised a “Sense Booth” exhibition where children enjoyed playing games using different senses. Parents also realized that learning can be a great fun. Children identified different tastes, smells and sounds through games. They felt different textures walking bare feet on the path laid specially to make them feel different surfaces. The game of catching fish, challenging the eye hand coordination was a great hit among the children.
The event turned out to be a roaring success. The parents came to know about some unheard facts. Some parents expressed by saying that today we have learnt how learning can be a great fun.



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