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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Services in our Neighbourhood, WIS Bhilwara

Anything told to the students inside the classroom always leads to a chain of thoughts. Some children think something that is beyond our imagination. All the children come accross the names of helpers and the services in the neighbourhood. They understand that a postman brings us letters, a policeman catches thieves, we keep our money in a bank, we go to a temple to worship but how does it work, is something which is not given much importance in a classroom. All the questions that come to his/her mind remain unanswered.
In order to pacify this quest, the children of Grade I were taken to a Bank, Police Station, Post Office and a Temple. The children asked questions which were answered by the people who were working in these places. As the answers came from experts, the children appeared to be very happy and satisfied as they learnt many new things.
We are thankful to the staff to ICICI Bank, Subhash Nagar Police Station, Head Post Office Bhilwara and Dadi dham Temple for their cooperation in making the trip a memorable one.



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