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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Birdie Dance, WIS Bhilwara

Around 1950 a Swiss accordion player Werver Thomas inspired by his own flock of ducks and geese composed some music. In 1963 he played the music in his own restaurant. The immediate reaction was that the people began to move with the music. The actions included beak, wings and taut motions.

In late 1990 s it became very popular and became the part of every party. In a Disney Version Mini Mouse dances to the tune. Children pretend to be birds and bounce happily enjoying the music that progresses faster and faster.

Children enjoyed the Birdie Dance. In the end the parents also tapped their toes along with their children.

The Principal thanked all the parents and asked the parents to live their childhood with their children allowing them to have the freedom of growing at their own will.



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