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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Space Trip by Junior KG, WIS Bhilwara

"Chanda Mama Door Ke" is a Song, Sung in almost every language across India. Children learn many more things about the Moon through the bed time stories told by grandparents. It is a universal wish of almost every child across the globe to go to the Moon and explore it.
How do they perceive about the space was very well reflected when they brought different items to take along with them when they would go on a Space trip.
Bhavya  Kriplani brought a Camera so that she could take picture of the moon for memories whereas Aditya Malu brought Binoculars to explore the vast stretches of Moon. Vedansh Choudhary brought the food in paste form to eat it easily, Navdha Jain brought a Zip pouch bag to Keep her food safe, Avani Ajmera seemed to be concerned about the health and wanted to carry a first aid box for emergencies, Pragyan Choudhary wanted to carry mask to combat breathing problem but Priyal Maheswari wanted to carry a Rose flower to spread the pleasant fragrance on the moon.
All the Children appeared to be very happy sharing their concerns and possible solutions with their friends. 



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