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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Wittians Red & Green Star, WIS Bhilwara

'God helps those who helps themselves' is a very famous quote that we come across in our lives. What do we get after helping ourselves?
We get success. Who is successful?
For me a successful man is
Someone do
Understand and
Cares for companions,
Cooperates and
Excel in
School and
Some people are self motivated while others need to be motivated. Motivation in the form of book marks has seen a good progress as the number of achievers has increased. Everyone is trying hard to collect as many as they can so as to become a Wittian Star.
The school witnessed the most beautiful coincidence when on 12 day of 12 month in 12th year there were 12 winners of green stars.The principal congratulated the students and said don't wait for any lucky date but make every date a lucky date. 



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