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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Republic Day Celebration, WIS Bhilwara

"What is India?
The forehead with a red bindi,
A crowd speaking alluring hindi,
A flag with tricolours,
waving in the roofs of towers
This is elegant India."
The diversity for which India is known stands united to celebrate Republic Day. There as one and proudly claim to be second to none. Because no country in this world has the treasure like we have.
"Punjab for fighting, Bengal for writing,
Kashmir for beauty, Karnataka for duty,
Rajasthan for history, Maharashtra for victory,
Meghalaya for rain, Uttar Pradesh for sugarcane,
Gujarat for silk, Haryana for milk,
States for diversity, India for integrity."
Celebrating this integrity should never cease and should go till eternity.
Wishing all Indians a very Happy Republic Day.



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