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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The 11th Annual Sprts Meet - Synergy 2012-2013

The 11th Annual Sports Meet- 'Synergy' 2012-13, was celebrated with great fervor and excitement on Tuesday, 22nd January 2013 to make the 11th Glorious year of  the Pre-primary section of Witty International School a grand success.
The guest of honour were Mr. Shlok Ramachandran and Ms. Snehal Bal.
Various activities involving both, the children and their parents were organised keeping in tune with the theme for the year- 'HAAR NAHI HOTI'
The highlight of the programme was the formation of the letters 'W' ( for Winners) and 'V' (for Victory) on the ground through the drill exercise performed by Sr.Kg and Jr.Kg sections respectively.
Various other events included march past, flat race, obstacle race, child-child race and parent -child race were held.
The programme received an over-whelming response with parents participating in large numbers.
In the end, as goes the tradition, all the children were presented with a medal and a participation certificate.
The programme then closed with the National Anthem.



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