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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Witty Dental Check-up Camp at Udaipur

School Dental Health program is a part of preventive program practiced in school. This program comprises of comprehensive oral health care which includes Dental check-up, Dental treatment, Health education, referral for specialized treatment, motivation and evaluation. Department of Public Health Dentistry of Darshan Dental College, under the guidance of Dr. Nagesh Bhat (Professor and Head of Department) conducted the above mentioned program successfully at Witty International School.
This program included Dental check-up, health education and importance of oral health and awareness regarding adverse oral habits and oral cancer especially for higher secondary school children.
Teachers training program was also included in view to impart knowledge regarding the health education among children for maintenance of proper oral hygiene, since they spend much of the time in school and better interaction with teachers helps in success of this program. The benefit of this program is that it inspires children, parents and teachers with a huge impact on better oral health.    



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