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Monday, August 19, 2013

“Green Thatch” (Science Exhibition) WIS, Udaipur

Our young student's scientists in WIS presented a unique project called “Green Thatch” in CBSE Science Exhibition, held in India International School, Jaipur. The Thatch means roof, and their project propose that green roofs are environmental friendly and have lots of benefits. The lead students were namely Dhanaditya Sirohiya and Shivay Jakhar of Grade X. We are all aware that nature is degrading at a rapid pace, and we are surrounded by “concrete jungles”- buildings, factories etc. But if we can have our roofs green, we will have all the benefits that vegetation provides. It will attract rain; absorb pollution, we can grow organic food, and water can be conversed. Sounds Great! Isn’t it? So if you think you can apply this idea, then go ahead and become a good example by contributing to our planet earth, because we don’t have a spare one. 



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