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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nursery Orange Day [2013-14] WIS,Malad

                                                            Orange Day

Children categorise things based on colour and shape. Colour helps in development of cognitive skills.

Children who colour with crayons or markers early on, have an easier time of understanding colours, the makeup of colours, and the mixing of colours.
On 7th August 2013, Wednesday, WIS planned to introduce 'Orange' colour in Nursery section.Children were asked to wear 'Orange' colour clothes to school. The classroom was also decorated with the ‘Orange’ colour cut outs.Various activities were planned so that children have a lasting memory of ‘Orange’ colour.Teacher involved the children to remove ‘Red’ colour objects and then ‘yellow’ colour objects of the same kind from the magic box.The items were (handkerchief, sketch pen, blocks, crayons etc.) She then told the children that red colour + yellow colour gives ‘Orange’ colour.
Teacher also planned to give practical example to the children in a way of magic! Teacher asked half the children to dip their pointer finger in Red colour and the other half in yellow colour. Then she asked the children with the red colour to rub their finger with children with yellow colour finger and see the change. The colour changed to 'Orange'! By doing so, teacher created an atmosphere of magic in the class. This activity made children happy and they had fun.




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