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Monday, August 26, 2013

Rakshabandhan Celebration by Sr.Kg [13-14] WIS,Malad

On Thursday, 19th August 2013 children of Sr. KG section celebrated Rakshabandhan festival. Children came beautifully dressed in traditional clothes and brought sweets in their tiffin box to share with their friends. Teachers discussed about the festival by showing a skit related to the strong bond of love and care between brothers and sisters.

Narli Poornima which is celebrated in the Western Coastal region by the Koli’s or the fishermen clan was also shown by presenting a Koli dance.

Children made decorative envelopes as a part of the Rakshabandhan activity, they also sang songs and danced to its music, thus this day was celebrated by discussing the importance of an emotional bond in a fun and frolic manner.



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