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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

UDAIPUR - hues and shades -The soul of every udaipurite

Udaipur - India's most picturesque city surrounded by the splendor of Aravalis, nestled in the beauty of lakes and adorned with the heritage.
No matter how modernized we become, how much money we make or even if we reach the pinnacle  of success, the camaraderie between people and the mystic charm of Udaipur is perpetual. There is some magic in the air which binds us and creates an attachment of the old and the young towards the city, like a cup of coffee in the exhilarating breeze at Fateh Sagar or a hot "kullad chai " at the "nukkad" gives us immense pleasure rather than being cloistered in a four walled coffee joint.
The locals as well as the tourists are enthralled by the allure of the city steeped in the heritage. The residence of the ancestors of Mewar dynasty - The City Palace lies on the banks of Pichola Lake. It is a blend of medieval, Chinese and European architecture, wholly built in granite and marble. Its interior portrays the expertise of Udaipur that is the delicate mirror work, marble work, murals, wall paintings, silver and inlay work which are flavours that add to the exquisiteness of the palace. Jag Mandir and The Lake Palace are two islands built in Lake Pichola without which the witchery of the heritage is incomplete.
Apart from the architecture of the heritage, even the old city, built in its own unique way, without any foreign influence has its own charm. People enjoy the authenticity by hanging out at cafes set up along the breathtaking view of the lakes and have a mesmerizing view of the Aravalis.
The old city is a shopper's paradise with its intriguing ethnic jewellery, furniture, folk art etal. The woven carpets and shawls made of pure pashmina, sold in the market streets is a savoury for shopaholics. Other attractions are bandani, mothana, tye-dye textiles.
 For all that nature and rich cultural heritage of Udaipur has bestowed on us, what are we doing to preserve and enhance it in spite of curses like galloping population, improper city planning, hazardous pollution. Let it be a resolve on part of every udaipurite to keep everything alive and fresh as ever.
-Article Composed by
Riddhi Jain (Grade IX)



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