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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WIS Bhilwara Celebrate Indira Gandhi Birthday (19.11.2013)

Popularly known as the Iron Lady of India Indira Gandhi earned a formidable reputation across the globe as a "Statesman". Her sheer sense of politics and exceptional skills catapulted her position in the Indian politics, so much that she went on to become the first woman elected to head a democratic country. Till date she is the only woman to hold the office. Born in a politically influential dynasty and growing in an intense political atmosphere, Indira Gandhi had learned the trick of the trade quite early in life. She possessed an authoritarian streak and became the central figure of the Indian National Congress Party, post her father's death. She was known for her political ruthlessness and extraordinary centralization of power.
We as Wittians  celebrated this day by remembering all the aspects of her life from her birth till death.
Students made beautiful posters of Indira Gandhi with the information and facts about her. They recited a poem on Indira Gandhi followed by some important information regarding her childhood, marriage, study political career and awards.
"We remembered her as boastfulness does never touch you; you have a place which is your due."



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