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Monday, December 2, 2013

Birdie Dance (Nursery) 30.11.2013 WIS Bhilwara

"It is not only fine feathers that make fine birds. A bird is three things-feather, flight and song".

Witty International School believes that children progress most effectively when they find themselves in a relaxed and well equipped and stimulating environment which allows them many opportunities for exploration and discovery through play and play based activities. So that's why to make the children familiar with the theme of the month 'Birds' for class Nursery an event 'Birdie Dance' was organised on Saturday,30th November'13 in the school premise. The little birdies with the colourful costumes of birds danced on the Birdie song composed by Werner Thomas later introduced by United States where the people wanted to demonstrate their love through dance It was great to see the little ones dancing like birdies and parents supporting and giving confidence to their kids by dancing with them The students of Sr.kg expressed their feelings for birds by reciting rhymes related to birds. Mrs. Kumud Vyas congratulated the little ones for their confidence and appreciated the parents for giving support to their young ones.



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