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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

World Disability Day Celebrated at WIS Bhilwara (03.12.2013)

"Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you're needed by someone." - By Martina Navratilova
December 3rd is the International Day of persons with disabilities. This celebration created by the United Nations seeks to celebrate the over billion people worldwide living with some kind of disability.
Many people ask themselves, why to celebrate or commemorate this date, if disability is not a welcomed thing. But, for us, this day is not about celebrating disability, but to realise that such people are differently abled.
Living with a disability is not a scholarship to heaven, but is certainly a path for learning to value our lives, loving the small things.
So, on 3rd December, 2013 Wittians presented speech, poem and quotes to make everyone aware that we don't celebrate disability but the ability that is hidden within and makes uniquely able to all of those who live with a disability, because -

"Living with a disability, doesn't make people disabled"



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