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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Inter-Class Quiz Competition 2013-2014,WIS,Malad

Inter-Class Quiz Competition 2013-2014

Witty International School – Primary section witnessed the battle of grey cells at an Inter-Class Quiz Competition. Quiz promotes students’ knowledge, increase information and make them confident. Questions were based on different subjects such as Science, History, Mathematics, Politics, Environment, Sports, Films, Current Affairs, and General Knowledge etc.

Along with the contestants, the class audience too left no stone unturned in answering logical, literary, scientific and brain-teasing questions.

The competition was held on four different days for Grade I – IV.


The best three students from each division represented their class for the Final Inter-Class Oral Quiz Competition. There were different rounds, namely Option Round, Jumble Mumble, Abbreviations, Visual Round and Rapid Fire.

The questions which were unanswered were passed to the enthusiastic audience. The team with the highest score was declared the winner. The winners were felicitated during their respective class assembly with commendation certificates. 

Name of the Winners of Inter-Class Quiz Competition 2013 - 2014
Grade  First Second Third
Grade I B Division A Division D Division
Master Heet Mehta Miss Nami Mehta Master Jainam Jain
Miss Kashish Jhaveri Master Rayan Nahar Master Leal Chakravarathy
Miss Sonechka Raina Master Aum Ashar Miss Navyya Sheth
Grade II E Division D Division C Division
Master Keyur Somaiya Miss Isabelle Bonny Miss Tisha Vakharia
Master Aaryan Mehta Master Priyanshu Patel   Miss Kiara Kanchan 
Master Vivan Dhoka Miss Sonia Mulchandani   Master Aarav Mehta
Grade III B Division D Division A Division
Master Mrunal Vora Miss Shikha Bheda Miss Mehika Jhaveri
Master Anish Gupta Miss Rahi Ajmera Miss Heer Vithlani
Miss Sanika Naik Master Nayan Bhodia Miss Parisa Shah
Grade IV F Division C Division B Division
Master Dhruv Patil Master Deev Savla Master Nishant Kotak
Master Arib Sayed Master Parth Gaglani Miss Vanshika Shukla
Miss Hrishita Munot Miss Dia Kothari Master Dhruv Varma



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