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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Collage Making Activity At WIS,Bhilwara (03.05.14)

The verbal and social learning that takes place during an activity such as collage-making stimulates language development. As a session activity, collage-making activity was conducted. Students took it as opportunity to discuss what they were doing and to interact with their peers at the collage table. The collage had a theme-‘Know Players’. Specific vocabulary was targeted as well. By modeling this activity with grade VII students were not only helped to gain an understanding of how to make collages but also to learn the kind of language it generates. They gathered a wide range of interesting materials. Glue and a surface for mounting were given to them.
The  teacher of this session noted the conversations that occur around the collage-making process, paying special attention to the vocabulary used. After the collage was made, the teacher shared her observations and the students shared their conversations and thoughts on the process.



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