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Friday, June 13, 2014

World Environment Week [2014-15] WIS, Malad

Green Crusaders up in arm…….

            The students of Witty International School, Malad(West) celebrated World Environment week from 5th to 10th June 2014. The students of Grade VI, VII showcased their enthusiasm, by bringing a variety of plant saplings. The students planted the saplings in their decorative pots. Information with regard to water and sunlight required and the medicinal uses were displayed. Colourful banners and posters were also put up at the venue. On this occasion, Witty International School made an active contribution to the environment by planting more than 52 plant saplings. Every plant has its own ecosystem. Thus we at Witty have created more than 52 small ecosystem which in turn blends with the larger ecosystems of this planet. The weekly assembly also threw light on the facts associated with the World Environment Day. A pledge was taken by the students to make this planet more eco-friendly. At the end of the week, there was an exhibition of the plethora of plants and the students across the grades studied them carefully giving them an edge over their peers in understanding and handling conscientiously the environment. This will definitely bring in a more awareness and change in the thought process of not only our young generation but also their families which in turn will spread the aroma of the green environment leading to the regeneration of the same.

             Talking about the environment only on this day and forget about it for the rest of the year would not help. We need to be aware and strive to make changes in our daily activities. No matter how big or small your action may be every input counts, which in turn will help us in saving our world from deteriorating further.




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