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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

National Junk Food Day Observed at WIS,Bhilwara ( 22.07.14)

"The chef said , hello
Welcome to our show
The spinach roll
Climbed on the pole
The spoons clapped away,
And banged on the tray.
As melon and the peach
Gave a thank you speech"

Healthy eating habits can stabilize children's energy and sharpen their mind. By encouraging the healthy eating habits, we can make a huge impact upon our children's life long relationship with food and give them the best opportunity to grow into a healthy child.

Keeping this in mind students of WIS, Bhilwara celebrated the National Junk Food Day. During the celebration students told about what are junk food and its good and bad effects. Children shared their experience with junk food and the importance of having at least some junk food in our lives. They told that we should learn how to balance a good health with junk food.



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